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Icon Filter

Icon Filters are a utility that mimic the sensory effects of a reality filter by replacing ASIST feed information with a predetermined matrix icon library. Due to lacking the hardware element, the utility version loads slower than a standard reality filter and as such does not confer any bonus to reaction speed on the matrix, however it also is much less demanding on the MPCP and does not reduce the effective MPCP rating while active.

Size Multiplier: 8
Valid Options: Adaptive, Bug-Ridden, Crashguard, Optimization, Squeeze

This utility MAY NOT be used with an active Reality Filter.

The Icon Filter utility will crash if it is active when connected to a sculpted host of any rating. Unlike the reality filter, there is no test, it simply crashes.

Icon Filters are classified as a Special Utility.

The filter is always active while in active memory, so activating or deactivating it is a swap memory action.

The rating of the icon filter determines how pretty everything is. The resolution and general design quality of all of the iconography's appearance, motions, and so forth depend on this rating. At rating 1, everything looks like a bad, low-res blank-and-white photocopy at best; at rating 12, everything is going to move seamlessly and look more real than real, a total mind blowing experience in quality.

The icon filter's rating also determines how many users may be connected in network mode. Network mode requires the use of a battletac matrix link along with matching icon filters, through which a number of deckers may share the same "reality".

An example might be that if the Icon Filter was that of 'Dawn of Atlantis' (a popular fantasy MMORPG in Shadowrun), and 4 users were connected in network mode, they would all see the host as the same dungeon, and that blaster-8 IC would look like a monstrous spider to everyone in the party.

Outside network mode even with matching copies of the Icon Filter software, the users might see differing icons for the blaster-8, as the icon filter has a large range of possibilities for all manner of matrix entities one might run into.

Once the battletac matrix link connection has been made, activating network mode for the icon filter is a complex action with no associated roll.

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