Crow Residential Community

Crow Residential Community

Crow Residential Community is a family-oriented housing community located in the suburban part of Ute Sector. They pride themselves on providing a good, wholesome place for families, with their own school, community center, shopping center and emergency services. If you're looking for a quiet suburban home, check the place out. They do perform a thorough background check before you're granted permission to move into the neighborhood, and your house and yard have to conform to 'community standards'. Security is provided by Sand Creek Security Services.

They do some serious checking of your backgrounds, omae. A while back some chica had herself the whole secret superbase there — guns, a vehicle facility, a secret lair under her house. Lived the quiet life during the day, shadowrunner by night. Sand Creek finally caught onto her and moved in, but she was long gone. They sealed the place up and now that lot is one of Sand Creek's permanent security stations. Crow Residential don't want to chance that someone like that's going to move into their community again.

The community is patrolled by visible law enforcement, Sand Creek Security Services, vehicles on a regular basis and even the occasional foot patrol officer can be seen walking along the sidewalks to talk with the families in the lawns and to encourage a safe community feeling for those which live here. There's something about knowing that your police officers are trained by the Ute Military that makes you feel safe from burglars or pesky car thieves.

Game Notes: This is an area to have houses in. One must apply for a house through the Building process on the game. Check out the building rules and then +qmail Building to get a house. Warning! They can be expensive, and you'll need to have a Real or very good fake SIN to live here.

Name Crow Residential Community
Location Ute/Sioux FTZ
+poof Joes
Lifestyle See Below
Rent Per Month See Below
Rooms Varies
SIN Check Required


>>>>> [ Expect a minor exodus from here now that the Ute Ministry of Self-Determination has decided Anglos and anyone else who isn't a proper (meaning, Native American with the paperwork to prove it) Ute citizen is no longer welcome in the Ute Nation. SCSS is being reasonable, but the MSD has a lot of political leverage and no scruples about applying it when it looks like they might lose the argument otherwise… ] <<<<<
— Eastwood 3:16 (12:03:33/03-09-70)

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