Crazy Horse Bar And Grill
Name Crazy Horse Bar and Grill
Location Ute/Sioux FTZ
+poof br/8
Theme Country Western/Indian

Crazy Horse Bar and Grill

The Crazy Horse Bar and Grill has a large brass bronco statue roped around its neck and being wrestled to the ground by a rugged looking brass cowboy in chaps and a cowboy hat out in front of it. The statue is a well known landmark which all the Denver taxi drivers know. Beyond the statue is a set of old west swinging double doors afford entrance into the smoky joint filled with patrons and country twanging tunes.

Raw country music alternates with native American music and thick smoke fills the bar creating an atmosphere of a time when the West was king. All the employees are dressed like Sioux-Squaws or male Indians and most of the share a good dose of native blood. The patrons are mixed, ranging from truckers to Indians to the standard corper looking for some adventure.

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