Court Ball

Court Ball

The Aztlan Court Ball Union claims theirs is the original form of the sacred game played by the pre-Columbian civilizations. No archaeological info exists to say whether it is or not, but the Azzies love it, and it gets a lot of play on the sportsnets in other countries too.

Rumor says some of the nastier aspects of the Aztec game have been revived, too. Back before the conquistadores brought civilization, slavery, and smallpox to Mexico, the captain of a winning team was sacrificed to the gods, sent to glory in his moment of victory. Now it may be coincidence, but in the last four years, the captains of the teams that won the Aztlan Championship have snuffed it. Lopez (Ensenada Eagles) died in a plane crash. De Brize, the Haitian who led the Zempoala Cats to victory in 2050, was apparently killed accidentally during a war between two Veracruz go-gangs. Chamac (Tenochtitlan Jaguars), washed up on a Cancun beach, apparently drowned. And of course, Xochitalco, Chamac's successor at the head of the Jaguars, brought things out in the open last year during the award ceremony. He shouted that he dedicated his win, and his death, to Tezcatiipoca and jammed a snap-blade into his own chest. Some newsies figure he must have been jazzed on something, since he cut his heart most of the way out before he fell over.

Court ball players can carry unlimited cyber, and physical adepts can compete without any restrictions. Players can use any hand-to-hand cyberweapons, and usually carry an assortment of knives, clubs, and electroprods. Because the uniform for court ball is a loincloth, leather bands on the wrists and joints, and feathers, injuries and death are common.

Court ball is played in a sunken, four-sided court, with three man teams. No time-outs. No penalties. Only three replacements per game. Play is to seven points or the elimination of one team.

Goals are scored by shooting the ball through a ring attached to the east wall of the court. The ball may be passed. Passes and goals both require that the ball bounce at least once. Illegal passes and goal attempts (no bounce) give possession to the other team. A dead ball belongs to whichever team can take possession of it.

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