Cottonwood Apartments

Cottonwood Apartments

The Cottonwood's one of those older apartment buildings that sprung up around the 'fortress mentality' of the earlier 2030's and 2040's. A self-contained living facility, it caters mainly to young urban professionals and other upwardly-mobile types. Still, if you're looking for a quiet, out-of-the-way to doss down that isn't a scumpit like The Crank, you can always give 'em a try.

Your standard apartment structure, Cottonwood is a square block of residential units rising up from a squat parking facility. Typical in these days, it allows the residents to park below the facility, and not have to worry about the security of their vehicles. The entry into the parking facility is guarded by a booth set in the ferrocrete walls, with a couple of guards in security armor ready to activate defenses in case of unauthorized entry.

The Cottonwoods
High-end Medium Lifestyle
Okay. Located up on the north side of the CAS Sector, you have to admit, with the new cameras, underground parking, Chemsniffers and the MAD scanners, the Cottonwoods are pretty secure. This is a both a boon and a ban. A boon if your one of those rare legit people who actually have a normal job… and a ban if you, like me, are a shadowrunner who occasionally comes home smelling like high explosives or have a suite of Cyberware. It can be awkward when your LandLord reports you to the police.

Name Cottonwood Apartments
Location CAS Sector
+poof ah/7 (cotton)
Lifestyle Middle
Rent Per Month 4,980
Rooms 4
SIN Required No, 200% surcharge


>>>>> [ Not terribly much in the way of frills, but affordable and comfortable living in decent security. Of course, that same security /is/ going to object if they see you hauling heavy weaponry into your apartment. There's a saying about not going to the toilet where you eat… ] <<<<<
— Eastwood 3:16 (11:40:01/03-09-70)

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