Cool Cat Club
Name Cool Cat Club
Location CAS Sector
+poof br/2
Theme Swing

Cool Cat Club

Cool Cat Club. Swinging beat and bits all night long. It's only opened last year, but it's got a pretty decent rep with the decker and swing set. A band blows all night, Route 66, a rather hot combo and my you should get a load of that elven vocalist, hmm? They're into a Big Band sound, mostly jivin' it to the oldies, but they play some neo-swing as well. They've got a dance floor, too, for the clubbing set and quite a few of them hit the floor, but a lot of bitheads won't touch dance with a ten meter string of code.

For those that need a place to hang and those that need to hire, the Cool Cat tries to serve their needs. The music masks most conversations pretty well and the owner, chum that goes by the handle of Sherlock, goes a fairly good job keepin' the place under control as a neutral turf for both sides of a bargain, using the local gang, Digital Anvil, as enforcers for anything that gets too out of control. For the more private meetings, a quiet room is available in the back and it's routinely scanned for bugs and warded off from the rest of the club. More than one Johnson has rented it out, as have more than a few deckers needing to hold a meet or just entertain some friends in private.

Deckmeisters also visit and if you can't find one, Sherlock can probably hook you up. He also deals in info and finding it, even if he isn't a straight decker. But if you need a guy that knows the local databases inside out, he's your man. Joey, the evenin' bartender, also might be willing to dish some of the dirt on regulars, if you drop the right tip or bit of paydata, tho it's probably not best to be asking about friends of Sherlock's. My kinda licks and cool at what it does, the Cat. »

Jump Jive 'an Wail, Nexus Posting, Nightlife: SIG.

Renting the back room:

1) 500 =y=/night.
2) Includes drink service.
3) Hook up for terminal and screen for multimedia presentation available.

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