Confederation Of American States

Confederation of American States

Population 105,867,000
SINless Population (est.) 20%
Per Capita Income 25,500 =Y=
Below Poverty Level 26%
Megacorporate Affiliation 58%
Less than 12 years 30%
GED 47%
4 year degree 18%
Masters or higher 5%
Major Language English (88%),
Spanish (15%)
Currency CAS Dollar
(1$ = 0.33 =Y=)
Capital Atlanta


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Other Information

Major Urban Areas


Atlanta is the capital of not only the state of Georgia but the entire Confederation of American States. A study in dichotomies, Atlanta is the capital of one of the most potent and technologically advanced countries in North America, but at the same time is rife with crime and poverty. Even the city layout duplicates this sense of order and chaos, from the ordered streets to the north and east filled with opulent homes and 21st century advances to the chaos and madness to the south and west where life teeters on a knife-edge.

The city boasts one of the leading scientific universities in North America in Georgia Tech, where cutting edge research is done, especially in the fields of chemical engineering and materials science. Similarly, the Center for Disease Control, now independent non-profit agency finds its home in Atlanta where it works to provide certification for cyberware, bioware, and pharmaceuticals for corporations worldwide.

The Dome, the remains of Ted Turner Stadium, is home to a number of SINless. This micro-tribal society has developed its own culture and is rumored to be the home of flesh form Insect spirits. Whether this is true or not is open to debate, but it is certain that even in Atlanta, the Dome represents the bottom of the barrel.


Austin, the once capital of the great Republic of Texas, is a city divided and the closest you can get to all out war without actually doing it in one city. The Texas and CAS forces hold one side of the city, while across the Colorado River the Aztlan forces watch and wait, ready to pounce and drag the city into their nation. The city is in a perpetual state of guerilla warfare as each side jockeys for greater control.

The home of Lone Star Security Services, the corporation all but owns the northern (CAS) side of the city, providing defense as well as offense for citizens, allowing the city to function despite the threat of battle at any time. Austin is still weird (part of a late 20th century ad campaign), some might even say too weird, as there is the feel of something lurking behind the scenes in the caverns and all along Lake Travis. Some say that when the bats come back in force to Austin, the spirit of the city will reawaken and decide who really should live here. Of course, this is all rumor.

New Orleans

The Big Easy no longer. This once laid-back city was host to not only tourism but an incredibly heavy smuggling traffic. Always steeped in magic and lore, New Orleans has suffered in recent years after the CAS government passed an edict offering bounties on those magicians who raise the dead. Needless to say, voodoun heavy New Orleans was less than amused at this. It wasn't long before magical krewes were at each other's throats for the bounty and the chance to gain ground on their enemies.

Still, Crescent City sees more than its share of traffic both legal and illegal. The tourists are here for the sights and sounds of the French Quarter and the chance to see goods from around the world, many of them cunning fakes of expensive brands. The black market smugglers still move through this city, avoiding the battling krewes and magical threats that have always been a part of the deeper shadows here. There is a great deal of profit to be made on the legal and illegal fronts, especially in shipping, entertainment, and other people pleasing businesses.

Foreign Relations

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