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Combat Spells

Death Touch

Death Touch requires the caster to touch the target. The spell does physical damage to a single target. It is a mana spell, so it only affects living and magical targets and is resisted by Willpower.

Manaball and Manabolt

Manabolt and Manaball channel destructive magical power into the target, doing physical damage. As mana spells, they only affect living and magical targets and are resisted by Willpower (or Force). Manabolt affects a single target. Manaball
is an area spell.

Powerball and Powerbolt

Powerbolt and Powerball channel destructive magical power into the target, doing physical damage. These spells affect both living and non-living targets and are resisted by the target’s Body. The target number for non-living targets can be found on the Object Resistance Table. Powerbolt affects a single target. Powerball is an area spell.

Ram (Object) or Wreck (Object)

Wreck is a version of Powerbolt that works only against a specific inanimate object. Each different type of object requires a separate Wreck spell: Wreck Vehicle, Wreck Door, Wreck Gun, Wreck Computer and so on.

Ram works just like Wreck, except the caster must touch the target.


The Shattershield spell is a Deadly damage spell specifically designed to break through astral barriers. The caster must be touching the barrier’s physical component or astral form. The target number is the Force of the barrier. For the barrier to resist the spell, make a test using its Force in dice (the creator of the barrier can also add spell defense dice to this test, regardless of his location). If the caster achieves more successes than the barrier, the barrier is destroyed. Otherwise, there is no effect.

Slaughter or Slay (Race/Species)

These powerful spells inflict Deadly Physical damage. Each race or species requires a separate Slay or Slaughter spell: Slay Ork, Slay Human, Slay Dog, Slay Western Dragon, Slay Elemental and so on. The spell discriminates based only on biological species, not social status or any other quality.

Spiritblast and Spiritbolt

These spells work like Manabolt and Manaball, respectively, except they only damage spirits.

Stunball and Stunbolt

Stun spells channel magical energy directly into the target, causing stun damage. They are often referred to as “sleep” spells because they can render targets unconscious. Stunbolt affects a single target. Stunball is an area spell.

Stun Touch

This spell works like Stunbolt, except the caster must touch the target

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