Combat Spells

All combat spells work by damaging the target directly, bypassing physical armor and other non-magical forms of protection. A combat spell can affect any target in the caster’s line of sight. The caster of a combat spell chooses the spell’s base Damage Level when it is cast. The Damage Level determines the spell’s base Drain Level.

Combat Spells
Spell Type Target Duration Range Drain
Death Touch M W(R) I T (Damage Level -1)
Manaball M W(R) I LOS(A) (Damage Level +1)
Manabolt M W(R) I LOS (Damage Level)
Powerball P B(R) I LOS(A) +1(Damage Level +1)
Powerbolt P B(R) I LOS +1(Damage Level)
Ram (Object) P OR I T +1(Damage Level -2)
Shattershield M F(R) I T (M)
Slaughter (Race/Species) M W(R) I LOS(A) +1(D)
Slay (Race/Species) M W(R) I LOS -1(D)
Spiritblast M F(R) I LOS(A) -1(Damage Level +1)
Spiritbolt M F(R) I LOS -1(Damage Level)
Stunball M W(R) I LOS(A) -1(Damage Level +1)
Stunbolt M W(R) I LOS -1(Damage Level)
Stun Touch M W(R) I T -1(Damage Level -1)
Wreck (Object) P OR I LOS +1(Damage Level -1)
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