Adept Power Levels Power Point Cost
Counterstrike Any Level x .25
Delay Damage
Obvious Version None 1
Silent Version None 2
Distance Strike None 2
Gentle Strike
Deadly Force* None 2
Light Force* None .25
Medium Force* None .5
Serious Force* None 1
Killing Hands
Deadly Force None 4
Light Force None .5
Medium Force None 1
Serious Force None 2
Missile Mastery None 1
Missile Parry None 1
Mystic Armor None Level x .5
Mystic Blade 1 2 Level x 2
Nerve Strike None 1
Power Blow* Any Level x .75
Power Throw* None 1
Quick Draw None .5
Quick Strike None 3
Shockwave None 3

Notes: *Powers with this asterisk are custom powers found on Denver Shadowrun MU*.

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