Cognition is an advanced form of the Centering Metamagic and is available only to adepts who possess that technique plus a Centering skill.

This Metamagic allows an adept to increase and expand their mental, perceptual, and intellectual capabilities as well as increase their mental resilience and adaptability.

This Metamagic will allow an adept to Center for Success or reduced modifiers on Intelligence Tests (including Perception and Learning Tests.) This requires a Free Action.

The adept may also use Centering to reduce modifiers when defaulting from Intelligence-linked skills, and adds one die to the adept's Knowledge and Language Skill Tests.

Finally, this Metamagic allows the adept to assimilate new information faster and easier. To reflect this, reduce the karma to learn Intelligence-linked skills by 1, to a minimum cost of 1.

Denver House Rules

1. The karma cost reduction only applies to Int-linked skills, and does not stack with Mnemonic Enhancers.
2. The added die does not stack with the added die from Mnemonic Enhancers.
3. The reduction in penalty for defaulting from a Knowledge Skill using ME-2 does work as normal, and can be reduced further via Cognition.

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