Cleansing is the metamagical ability to remove temporary background count. In order to be effective, the cause of the taint to the background must be removed first. This metamagic can also erase any other astral traces and signatures associated with the background count.

This power has no effect on permanent background counts such as those found at the site of the Hiroshima nuclear explosion or the Great Pyramids.

An Initiate may only attempt this metamagic on a background count that is equal to or less than her Grade.

A Sorcery Test is made versus a target number equal to twice the current background count, with the count being reduced by 1 for every 2 successes on the test.

The Initiate makes a Drain Test versus (Background Count)D Drain using Willpower.

This metamagic requires a number of Complex Actions equal to twice the current Background Count and requires the Initiate to use Astral Perception or Projection.

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