Charisma Based Skills

Charisma Based Skills


Etiquette is your basic understanding of culture as a whole. It allows you to interact with other people and grasp the little intricacies of society and allows you not only to fit in, but as a means of advancement and acquiring something you'd need. It's used whenever buying gear — you roll it against the availability of the gear to determine whether you can buy something, and if so, how quickly you can get it. For more information, see Getting Gear for more details.
Common Specializations: Virtually any subculture; Tribal, Magical Groups, Corporate


The instruction skill encompasses showing another character how to perform a certain task or learn a new skill. Any skill the instructing character possesses at a level of three (3) or above may be taught, up to the level that the teacher knows. Roleplaying such instruction sections is good justification for raising skills once your character is made IC.


The interrogation skill allows a character to gain information from an unwilling person, whether character or NPC. Its use involves an Open Test being made with your skill die that the subject must resist with her Willpower.
Common Specializations: Verbal, Lie Detectors, Torture.


The use of the intimidation skill allows the character to make another do something based on the fear that he creates. It works in the same manner as interrogation in game mechanics, though intimidation is often the threat of violence or harm falling upon the subject, not the actual act.
Common Specializations: Mental or Physical.


A character possessing leadership is able to convince others to go along with him and do as he asks through example and strength of character. A person with this skill often does not have a problem taking hold of a situation and making it work to his designs. An Open Test is made against another character's (or NPCs) Intelligence to see if they'll follow his lead.
Common Specializations: Political, Military, Morale, Tactics, Strategy


One of the integral skills of fixers (the other being Etiquette), negotiation is used when a character is trying to be on the winning end of a deal. A variety of different tactics can be used through this end, from bribery, bartering or quick speaking used to keep the subject off-balance. This skill is used to reduce the price of gear you might wish to obtain, or coax more money from a Johnson before a run, accomplished by making a Skill Test vs. the opponent's Intelligence. see Getting Gear for more details.
Common Specializations: Bargain, Bribe, Con, Fast Talk

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