Denver Shadowrun MU Channels

Channel IC/OOC Notes
DenverWiki OOC For discussion about the Denver Wiki (This site).
Announcements OOC Exactly what it sounds like.
Auction IC This channel is the IC channel for auctions. It has special code to help run the auctions. See +theme auctionhouse
Code OOC Questions and advice about MUSH code.
Decker OOC Discussion about the Matrix and deckers and the online world.
Rigger OOC Discussion about riggers, drones, and stunts with fast cars.
Decker911 IC IC Channel to request decker help! You need a decker and you need one NOW!
Fixer IC For appproved fixers, special deals will occasionally be offered here. This channel sees less use when the PC fixer population is low.
Help OOC This is our front-line question answering service. If you page a staffer with a question, oftentimes their first response will be to ask: Did you try help channel first? Help channel is alive with helpful players and with staffers. All non-essential chatter should be kept off this channel so players can leave it on without intrusive spam.
LFG OOC Looking for a group? Want to run a plot? Want to be IN a plot? Join this channel and hang out.
Lyrics OOC For the sharing of song lyrics.
Magic OOC Discussion about Magic, Mages, Shaman and Adepts.
Matrix IC IC channel for general Online chat.
Shadowland SIG IC IC channel for the SIG (Special Interest Group) on Shadowland pertaining to Denver/the Front Range Free Zone. Largely replaced by the Matrix channel.
MirageTalk OOC COS Mirage's general-use channel. Sometimes feedback, sometimes plot.
Public Gone Wyld OOC Uncensored Public Chat. When you really need to swear or talk about your sexlife.
Rules OOC Public discussion of the rules.
VulcPlot OOC ACOS Vulcan's general-use channel. Sometimes feedback, sometimes plot.
Warrens OOC A channel for sprawl dwellers. This channel is by approval only.
Other Games OOC Chat about board games, video games, card games, tabletop games, and mind games
Flashpoint OOC Where everyone discusses the latest plot upheaval.
Feedback OOC Giving feedback on solicited ideas.
Politics OOC Soapboxes for everyone!
Help OOC For when you need advice, or something has gone horribly wrong.
Narrative IC For the broadcast of narrative events on Denver. Largely replaced by global emits; still, this channel exists.
News62 IC In-character channel for broadcast news on Matrix Channel 62.
Debate OOC Keep your arguments from cluttering other channels and take them here. Two conclusions enter, one conclusion leaves!
SRTech OOC For discussion of technology within the game itself, or discussion of emerging technologies today and how they relate to the world of Shadowrun.
Theme OOC All matters pertaining to the theme, tone, and setting of Denver.
Trivia OOC Used for occasional trivia contests.
VimesTme OOC Captain Vimes' personal general-use channel.
PLOT OOC Discussion of overall plot-related matters. Not for specific plots; that's what we have the Plot Room channels for.
Plot Room 1 OOC Usually used for OOC chatter within plot room 1.
Plot Room 2 OOC Usually used for OOC chatter within plot room 2.
Plot Room 3 OOC Usually etc. etc. Plot Room 3.
Plot Room 4 OOC Etc. Etc. Plot Room 4.
Plot Room 5 OOC Etc. Etc. Plot Room 5.
Plot Room 6 OOC Etc. Etc. Plot Room 6.
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