Channeling allows an initiate to channel the powers of a bound spirit through his body, gaining its powers for a time.

Using channeling requires an Exclusive Complex Action. The initiate must have a spirit that owes him services present in astral space and come in contact with its aura. The initiate then makes a Conjuring Test with a target number equal to the spirit's Force x 2 minus the initiates Grade. If successful, the magician channels the spirit for 1 minute times the number of successes on the Test, OR the number of services the spirit owes him. If the test fails, nothing happens. On a roll of all 1s, the spirit goes free, either going back to the metaplanes or becoming a Free Spirit.

When the spirit is Channeled, it enters the magician's body and vanishes into the magician's astral body. The magician's Physical Attributes are increased by the spirit's force, and the magician gain's access to the spirit's powers at the Force rating of the spirit. If the magician channels a Great Form Spirit, he also gains the power of Immunity (Normal Weapons) at the spirit's Force in addition to any other powers. The only powers a magician cannot gain from a channeled spirit are Engulf and Materialization. A magician who is channeling also suffers the channeled spirit's vulnerabilities (if any).

A spirit that is channeled cannot be attacked; all damage goes to the magician. It also may not be attacked in astral combat nor controlled by another magician, although it may be banished. However, the channelling magician adds his Charisma dice to the spirit's Force Tests against banishing.

Unlike Possession, the magician remains in control throughout and may use all his normal abilities in addition to the spirits.

Once the time limit is expired, if the magician voluntarily chooses to end it, if the mage is rendered unconscious due to damage, or if the magician attempts to use Astral Projection, Channeling ends. A number of services equal to the number of minutes that the spirit was channeled are used. The magician must immediately resist Drain of (Spirit's Force)D Stun with Charisma. If the spirit's Force exceeds the initiate's Magic rating, the Drain is Physical damage.

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