Centering, together with Masking is one of the Metamagical Techniques that are most commonly learned by Initiates. The technique allows the Initiate to better focus their abilities by calming their minds through use of a creative skill.

The creative skill

This can be almost anything, with the GM's discretion as the only real limit, although it should be something that does not provide an immediate benefit beyond the Centering itself (IE, no picking "Zen Archery" and then shoot people to get the centering benefits).

On the other hand, you must be able to perform the creative skill in order to use Centering; for example, if you've chosen Singing, you can't Center while gagged or otherwise unable to speak, and it's not a good idea to use it while attempting to stay hidden…

Examples of creative skills mentioned in the books are dancing, singing, playing an instrument, reciting incantations in an arcane language, but also purely cerebral things like Zen meditation.

The Centering skill

Centering itself is an Active Skill based off of Willpower; additionally, it may not be higher than the creative skill it is linked to. It, not the linked skill, is the skill rolled for any Centering attempt.


Centering can be used with any magical skill except astral projection, and counts as a Free action. As stated above, the Initiate must be free to perform the linked creative skill in order to be able to center. It can be used even with an Exclusive Action because the Centering attempt counts as part of the action it's intended to help.

Centering for successes

  • Initiate must be astrally perceiving when centering for success on magical skill tests.
  • Centering test at the same TN (penalties included) as the skill test itself
  • Every two successes on the centering test count as one extra success on the skill test if the skill test itself had any successes to begin with

Centering against Drain

  • TN of the centering test is the Power level of the drain code.
  • Every two successes count as one additional success in the drain resistance test.
  • The actual Drain Resistance test must have at least one success for the Centering successes to have any effect.

Centering against penalties

  • TN of the centering test is the full TN of the affected test, penalties included, minus the Initiate's grade.
  • Every two successes reduce the TN by one, down to the base TN.

Adept Centering

  • Physical adepts can use Centering on specific skillsets to center for success or against penalties;
  • Only applies to Stealth and Athletics at first; taking Adept Centering repeatedly allows it to be applied to other skillsets, one skillset at a time.
  • Sample skillsets:
    • Ranged Combat
    • Melee Combat
    • Build/Repair
    • Vehicles
    • Languages
    • Social
    • etc…
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