Catching On Fire

Catching Fire

Any item struck with a flame attack may catch fire; this includes any clothing, armor and gear carried by a character. To determine if something catches fire, roll 2D6 and compare it to the items Object Resistance rating seen in +info combat object. Modify the Object Resistance by any appropriate modifiers from the catching fire table below.

If the result is equal to or greater than modified Object Resistance rating, the item catches fire. Anyone touching or wearing a burning item will take 6M damage at the end of the combat turn. Characters can resist this damage using Body dice (reduce the Power by half a characters worn impact armor). The Power of this damage will increase by +2 per combat turn. The fire will continue to spread and increase in intensity until there is nothing left to burn or the fire is put out.

Ammunition and explosives will explode if they catch fire. A character wearing any such material will suffer damage as if she took a pointblank weapon hit. Armor does not reduce this damage, but Combat Pool may be used to resist the damage.

If the game-master agrees that the proper materials are being used (water, fire extinguisher foam, halon gas or enough dirt to smother the flames), a burning person or item can be put out in 2 Combat Turns. Larger fires or insufficient fire-fighting methods may increase the time required to extinguish the fire.

White Phosphorus

White phosphorous is a chemical that burns at a very high temperature anytime it is exposed to air, making it difficult to extinguish. Water diffuses white phosphorous, but not immediately. IF an affected area or target can be completely cut off from air, the chemical's effects end in 2 Combat Turns.

Catching Fire Table
Situation Object Resistance Modifier
Flame Caused
Light Damage Does not catch fire
Moderate Damage +4
Serious Damage +2
Deadly Damage +0
Item is highly flammable
Gas, wood, explosives -1
Item is Fire Resistant +Fire Resistance Rating
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