Burnsley Hotel

The Burnsley Hotel

The Burnsley Hotel offers Denver business and leisure travelers a unique opportunity to experience world-class hotel luxury. This 17-story all-suite hotel maintains a rich history as a landmark of downtown Denver.

The Burnsley Hotel was originally constructed as an apartment house in 1963. Shortly thereafter, the Burnsley building was converted into a hotel and jazz club, which quickly gathered popularity in Denver.

In 1969, Joy and Franklin Burns purchased the hotel from an investment group that included singer Ella Fitzgerald and actor Kirk Douglas.

In 1983, the hotel was gutted and remodeled into a European-style boutique hotel, a décor that still characterizes the Burnsley Hotel today.

In 2005, the lobby, dining room, and lounge were beautifully redecorated. Suite redecorating and enhancing is ongoing.

In 2044, The Burnsley was once again remodeled for the modern era and is widely a preferred residence of many of the Aztlan sector's corporate executives as well as visiting clients and dignitaries.

While The Burnsley shows her age a bit, it is still considered one of the nicer establishments in the Aztlan sector and provides a good central location to the sector and the rest of Denver.

Name The Burnsley Hotel
Location Aztlan Sector
+poof ah/5 (burns)
Lifestyle High
Rent Per Month 4,980
SIN Check Required


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