Bugs and Glitches



Situation Modifier
Program Difficulty -(Rating of Program/2, round up)
Program's rating is less than half character's skill +3
Program Options -(number of options/2, round up)
Programmed by team -(number of team members/2, round up)
Programmed on mainframe +2
Each success not used to reduce time +3
Programming Language See Table Below

Languages Modifiers

Programming Language Bug Test Modifier Other Effect
HoloLISP +0 None
InterMod +4 -1 to programs effective rating
MatComDev +2 +1 to Computer (Programming) Test
MCT Iconix 7 -1 per option -1 to Computer (Programming) Test
Metacomm -3 -2 to Computer (Programming) Test
Novatech VRDrive 3 +1 +2 when using Glitch Table
Oblong +3 +2 to Computer (Programming) Test
Renraku Teng -5 Base Time divided by 2

Note: A plus or minus to the Programming test listed in the Other Effects is a plus or minus to the TN of the test, much like any other situational modifier, such as in combat.


Result Effect
2 Minor Glitch: The program runs, but at reduced effectiveness. Reduce its effective rating by 1 (minimum rating 1)
3-4 Major Glitch: A more serious problem, impeeding the program's performance. Reduce the effective rating by half (round down), minimum rating of 1.
5-6 General Protection Fault: The program crashes. To be used again, it must be reloaded.
7-8 Run-Time Error: The program crashes from an unrecoverable error and cannot be reloaded (the computer must be rebooted.) Treat this as if the program were crashed by tar pit IC.
9-10 Resource Allocation Error: The program crashes, taking some of the computer's Active Memory with it. The program cannot be reloaded, but still takes up the same amount of Active Memory; this lasts until the machine is rebooted.
11+ System Crash!: The program causes a fatal operation in the computer. For cyberterminals, divide this result by 2 (round down) and apply that many boxes to the persona's Condition Modifier. Other computers immediately crash with this result.
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