Broadcast Decryption

Broadcast Decryption

Sooner or later you're going to discover a communications frequency with some traffic on it that you're going to want to hear. If the channel is unencrypted then bully for you but most of the time an unencrypted channel means that nothing interesting is occurring on that channel. The really good stuff is almost always encrypted and to hear it in some intelligible fashion you'll need Broadcast Decryption1. Thee rules only apply to decrypting broadcasted communications such as radio or drone transmissions, not data on a storage medium.

How to use it

  • To decrypt a channel you must first be aware it exists
    • You must either have the proper frequency or locate it with a Scanner first.
  • Make a Decryption Test using your device's rating
    • TN is the Encryption Rating +4
    • You must get more successes than half the channel's encryption rating, rounded up or the attempt fails.
    • Electronic Warfare may be used as complementary skill test
    • Base Time is Encryption Rating x 5 minutes
      • You may use net successes to lower the base time.

Test Results

  • The character has successfully decrypted the channel and may now listen in on the conversation.
  • Note that unless the character deliberately or accidentally transmits on the channel, the fact that the conversation has been intercepted is impossible to tell. This is the reason why most radio users still adopt lingos known only to themselves in addition to using encryption
    • An example of this are police radio codes. Do you know what a 10-7b is verses a 10-87? (hint: the Police Procedures knowskill would be handy to have in a case like that…)

Note - Communications that are encrypted may not be recorded and decrypted later.2

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