Border Patrols

Border Patrols

The following lists the typical patrols found along each nation's border. These can be encountered when attempting to cross the border illegally, see +theme borders crossing for details.


Patrols consist of 2-4 man mundane units, occasionally assisted by paranormal critters and rarely supported by a watcher or other type of spirit.Consider Aztlan soldiers to have a Professional rating of 3. ACS forces are well equipped.


3 man mundane units accompanied by 1 or 2 attack dogs. Very rarely have magical support. CAS troops are moderately well trained and equipped, use a professional rating of 2.


A 'stealth drone' responds initially to any sensor trigger along the border, with further responses depending on the size/threat of intruders. Consider Pueblo forces to be moderately well trained, similar to CAS troops. Magic is very rare in Pueblo patrols.


2-3 man mundane teams typically on foot or in light scout/off road vehicles, or hovertrucks typically equipped with a mini turret (See Red Ranger, R3 pg 181 or Beachcraft patroller, R3, pg 182). Patrols are often supported with Microskimmer drones (see R3 page 174). Magic support is rare. Consider Sioux forces well trained and armed, Professional ratings of 3.


In urban areas, UCAS patrols borders with 2 man mundane teams on foot. In non-urban areas, it is not uncommon for patrols to be conducted in LAVs such as the GMC Banshee or rotor craft like the Yellowjacket. They also protect their borders with 'Silent Killer' attack dogs. Consider UCAS forces similar to CAS forces.


Ute typically relies on low powered watcher, spirit and elemental patrols for their border, and the low Ute border ratings reflect the chances of these detecting intruders. Mundane response depends on the threat reported by the astral patrols.

Silent Killers

Silent Killers
B Quick S C I W E R Init Attack
5 5 x 4 4 - 3/4 3 6 5 5+2d6 8M

These are genetically engineered and specially trained German shepherd attack dogs, which typically grow 50% percent larger than normal. UCAS uses these extensively on their borders, but other nations may use them as well.

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