Body Based Skills

Body Based Skills


The Athletics Skill is a representation of the characters training in the more physical aspects of life, often on a more extreme scale. The basic skill encompasses most facets of physical performance, such as how well you climb a ladder, jump a fence or run. The specializations can refine this to a more particular area that the character might be especially good in.
Common Specializations: Climbing, Escape Artist, Jumping, Lifting, Running or a specific sport


The skill for when swimming in a pool isn't enough, the Diving Skill covers everything from deep water dives and advanced underwater swimming techniques, to using scuba and various other underwater gear.
Common Specializations: Deep-water Diving, Mixed-gas Diving


When falling from low altitudes or high and you wish to slow your descent, the parachute comes into play. The use of this skill reflects how well your character performs the difficult task of parachuting, and not only includes activating the actual device but controlling your descent to land where you want to.
Common Specializations: Standard Jump, HALO Jump, Low-Altitude Jump

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