Biotech Gear and Medical Contracts

DocWagon Contract

Item Rating Weight Avail SI Cost
Basic Service On Payment NA 5,000/year
Gold Service On Payment NA 25,000/year
Platinum Service On Payment NA 50,000/year
Super-Platinum Service On Payment NA 100,000/year

Additional Docwagon Fees

Item Rating Weight Avail SI Cost
High Threat Response +5,000 =Y=
Employee Death Benefits +20,000 =Y=
On-Site Resuscitation +8,000 =Y=
Acute Care
Basic +500/day
Intensive +1,00/day
Extended (3+ weeks) +2,500/week

Medical Gear

Item Rating Weight Avail SI Cost
Biomonitor 2 1 6/72 h 2 1,000
Medkit 3 3 2/24 h 1.5 200
Medkit Supplies 2/24 h 1.5 50
Savior Advanced Medkit 6 4 6/7 d 2 1,500
Savior Supplies 6/7 d 2 300
Stabilization Unit 2 30 12/30 d 3 10,000
Stabilization Unit, Deluxe 6 35 16/30 d 3 20,000

Slap Patches

Item Rating Weight Avail SI Cost
Antidote Patch Maximum 8 6/72 h 2 Rating x 50
Stimulant Patch Maximum 6 2/24 h 1 Rating x 25
Tranq Patch Maximum 10 4/48 h 2 Rating x 20
Trauma Patch 4/48 h 4 500

DNA Scanners

Genexpress brings law enforcement agencies the latest in rapid DNA identification technology with the Assaymatic 5131. Utilizing a combination of marker enzymes and a scanning tunneling microscope (STM), the Assaymatic 5131 can have an accurate DNA fingerprint sequenced within a matter of minutes. The marker enzymes target commonly profiled sequences within the subject genome, marking them for analysis by STM. Within 1 to 10 minutes the Assaymatic has scanned the selected areas and produced a concise DNA profile for comparison with law enforcement databases. The unit is easy to use, is automated to reduce personnel training requirements, and comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Results from the Assaymatic 5131 are sufficient to secure an arrest, but are not conclusive enough for prosecution without supporting evidence. The Assaymatic 5131 remains a valuable tool for providing law enforcement agencies with precise DNA profiles that could mean the difference between a successful arrest and a criminal back on the streets.
Rating Avail Cost SI Legal
Sony ScanBuddy 2062 2 Always 1,000 1 8P-U
Yakashima Gentest Pro 3 Always 1,500 1 6P-U
Genexpress Assaymatic 5131 5 6/14d 2,500 1 5P-U
Universal Omnitech GSC-15 7 10/21d 3,500 2 5P-V
Cross Biomedical Ident Deluxe 9 12/1m 4,500 2 5P-V
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