Background Format

Background Format

Your background should be written as a story of some kind, not as simply a question/answer format. The format of it should be fundamentally IC or 'about' IC. For example, an 'interview' with your character would be appropriate. Or a story written from third person or first person, or even second person. Any format that ties things together into a coherent structure, and is fundamentally 'about' the character and the game, is fine.

Your background must be entered using either the +bg system (see '+help bg' or using the web interface (see '+help setwebpass'). In general, your last section or sections should contain any OOC notes to the approving staffer, including any stats or gear that you could not set up in chargen (such as decks for Deckers).

Please note that we do not accept backgrounds written elsewhere, such as a webpage or another MUSH. Your background must be written on Denver, for Denver.

There is no set length requirement on your background. Characters have gotten approved with as little as a page or two (not including the +sheet), or as much as 50 pages of text. How much you write is based on how much space you need to describe your character. If your background is exceptionally good, then you are eligible for a bonus karma award of up to 20 starting karma.

Your character may not be approved your first time through. If this is the case, we'll send back a list of changes and suggestions we would like to see. Different staffers may have difference criteria, so it's possible, especially if you switch staff members mid-stream, that you might have to do more than one revision. We are always available to help out with things, and our goal is to get you approved and out on the grid.

Remember that availabilities are restricted to 8 maximum in chargen, and ratings of most things is restricted to 6.

Once you have finished with your background, you can type '+bg/submit <archetype>', where <archetype> is the type of character you are wanting to play (Samurai, Mage, Rigger, etc.).

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