Aztlan Borders And Law Enforcement

Aztlan Borders

Not a real user-friendly place, Azzietown. Despite the fact that Aztlan was one of the last national interests to set up its sector, it wasted no time or cred making it fragging near impregnable. A 10-meter-high fence or wall protects every square foot of its side of the demarcation line, said structure laced with hyper-alert sensors able to pinpoint the lightest touch. (And no, they don't set off alarms every time the wind blows. Be more useful for border-jumpers if they did … easier to slip through if there's a chance the guards will ignore you 'cause they're tired of jumping every time a bell goes off. No such luck with these babies. The systems controlling these sensors incorporate pattern-recognition algorithms sophisticated enough to distinguish a penetration attempt from a leaf blowing up against the fence.)

Aztechnology security forces patrol both sides of the fence or wall in those areas they consider "high-risk" - lots of 'em strolling up and down accompanied by nice, lethal paracrltters Watchers and other spirits also monitor the demarcation line along most of its length.

Leaving Aztlan into the FTZ

Getting into the FTZ is, by mutual agreement of the Treaty nations a simple matter. If at all a lax rating 1 check is made and all too often border crossers are simply waved through.

Leaving the FTZ into Aztlan

Getting out of the FTZ is another story. For starters, you need a SIN, preferably belonging to Aztlan or Aztechnology. If you don't have one, you'll need a visa to stay any length of time. You'll need to pass through customs, much the same way you would disembarking from an international flight. They generally check your vehicle over, and run you through a more invasive SIN check than you received entering the FTZ.

SIN Checks entering Aztlan

How carefully your SIN is checked depends on when you're enteringand what the general situation is. Some of that might be affected by +motd messages on the game. There's also a slight element of randomness thrown in to mimic day-to-day changes in procedures, guards' motivations and what's going on in the world. The Game Master should roll 2D6 and consult the modifiers table, applying the dice result along with any other applicable modifiers to the Sector Checkpoint Ratings Table.

Checkpoint Modifiers
Modifier TN Change
2 3
3-5 4
6-8 5
9-11 6
12 7
Time of Day
Rush hour -1
Dead of night +1
Tight Security +1

Suspicion and Searching

As well as the basic SIN check, vehicle/personal searches may occur. Typically there's an amount of randomness to the searches, but there's also a chance that a border guard may suspect something, or just feel like hassling you. While the GM is encouraged to determine whether or not this occurs, below some tables are provided.

Assume the guard begins at 'Neutral' and the outcome is 'Of no value to NPC'. This may change depending on the situation, at the GM's discretion. The target number of the Etiquette test is the guard's intelligence, Charisma 5+ characters receive -1 to the TN. If the PC generates 1 success or more, the guard does not hassle. If the PC fails the test, roll the guard's Intelligence vs a TN of 6, applying the appropriate modifiers from the Hassle Modifier Table.

Hassle Modifier Table
Situation Modifier
PC has Charisma 2 or less +1
PC is of the appropriate sexual orientation and Charisma is 5+ -1
Guard is Racist against PC -1/-2
Crossing in Dead of Night -1
Crossing at shift change +2
Showing a CAS SIN -1
Net successes of the SIN checker Resulting action
0 to 1 Try again
2 Try again at +1
3+ A deliberate search is made
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