Population 9,200,000
SINless Population (est.) 17%
Per Capita Income 28,500
Below Poverty Level 19%
Megacorporate Affiliation 30%
Less than 12 years 26%
GED 59%
4 year degree 12%
Masters or higher 3%
Major Language German (89%)
Currency Euro
Capital Vienna

When most people in the shadows think of Austria, the letters Sand K immediately follow. Saeder-Krupp casts a long shadow; every area of the nation's economy comes under its influence, from the steel industry to the management of the Austrian RTG. S-K even owns the city of Linz in Upper Austria, acquired back when Austria was economically floundering. Daily politics have always been in Lofwyr's claws; no local government could work effectively without Saeder-Krupp's permission, making the entire nation an extraterritorial playground just for S-K.

The Federal Republic of Austria is rapidly becoming a corporate battleground, as two AAA megacorps-the entrenched Saeder-Krupp and the recent arrival of MCT (through MediaSim)-fight like dogs over a bone. The restoration of the Hapsburgs and the success of the Austrian Heritage Party have thrown the old regimes, both official and unofficial, into a panic. From the entrenched and corrupt civil services to the old nobles who feel Johanna Hapsburg has betrayed them, there are plenty of players on the scene-and plenty of cred for those willing to do their dirty work.

Austria is a favored holiday location for both European and Japanese execs. The isolated cottages in the mountains where corporate officials try to forget their complex life for a few days are ideal for extractions. Within Salzburg, the high level of security complicates extractions, but this safe atmosphere is often overrated; the seemingly secure environment makes sararimen who would normally know better spill confidential information after a few glasses of the region's best wine.

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