Shadow Auctions

Shadow Auctions

The following rules typically apply to Shadow Auctions.

1. Any item an admin is handling the bidding for cannot be bid on by that Admin's player character alt.

2. Characters who do not have enough cash or services on hand to cover their bids will be dealt with severely, in character.

3. No more than half of the cost of an item may be paid for with services. The rest must be in cash.

4. Characters attempting theft or fraud during a shadow auction must be prepared to face the consequences.

5. All sales are final. No refunds, no deposit, no return.

6. Items will be distributed and cash collected at the end of the auction.

7. Services bid in lieu of cash must be run as playerplots by the bidding character, and the log submitted. Typically, this must be done within 1.5 months from the auction. The character will be credited the effective value of the payout of the run toward their debt.

8. Minimum bid raise will be five percent (one-twentieth) of the opening or minimum bid.

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