This power allows the adept to invest karma towards establishing a mystic bond with an animal or object, similar to the way he would a focus. This grants him a certain affinity with the creature or item. Also, this creature or item can be used as a material link to the adept.


Before the object or creature can be bound, the adept must familiarize themselves with it, in a manner of their way/beliefs/cultural background. That done, the adept may bind the object/creature with some of his Good Karma. The adept may also perform a Deed Ordeal with the creature or object as part of the binding ritual.

An adept taking this power must choose if they bond animals or objects. In order to do both, they must take the power a second time. The character can only be bound to a total number of objects and animals equal to his Initiate Grade. He may not receive a bonus from more than one object/creature at a time in a given Single Action.

Attunement may be severed at any moment, with the invested karma lost. The animal's death or objects destruction also cancels the attunement.


The adept may bond with friendly non-sentient animals. To do this, the adept must befriend the animal and gain its trust. To do this he makes an Animal Handling (or similar skill) (5) Test with a base time of two weeks. Each success may be used to reduce the time as normal. A failed test means that the full two weeks are wasted and the adept must try again. The process will not work if the creature is magical coerced. Once this process is complete the adept may begin the bonding process and pay Karma equal to the creature's Essence.

A bonded animal gains the power of Sense Link as an Ally Spirit. The adept may also issue low-level telepathic commands through this link. These commands may require an Animal Handling roll and/or may or may not succeed dependent on the creature's abilities and intelligence. The power has a range equal to the adept's (Charisma + Magic Rating + Willpower) x 10 meters. If the animal goes beyond this range, contact is lost. Additionally, if the creature suffers a Moderate Wound or greater the contact is lost and the adept suffers a Light Stun Wound. Contact may be reestablished after the creature is healed.

Optional Rules on Animals

Normally an adept bonds a normal sized animal between the size of a cat and a horse. A GM may allow the character to bond a homogeneous group of animals (sparrows, rats, cockroaches, etc) as if they were a single animal with a single bonding roll and expenditure of Karma. The adept may only use the Sense Link power through one of the animals at a time, however.

Likewise, the GM may allow the character to bond with a larger animal (elephant, whale, etc) with a large expenditure of Karma and increases to the time and target number for the Animal Handling Test at their discretion.

Magical creatures may never be bound by this power, and cybernetically enhanced only by special permission.


Attuning a weapon, tool, or other object allows the adept to use it as if it were an extension of their body, making it easier to perform incredible feats and stunts.

The familiarization process involves a relevant B/R (5) Test (i.e. Edged B/R for a katana or Bike B/R for a Yamaha Rapier) with a base time of 7 days. Each success lowers this time, and a failure on the test means the time is wasted and the process must begin again. The adept may also elect to build the item from scratch, with success in that test familiarizing the adept as well.

Once this process is complete, the adept may bond the item with a Karma Cost equal to the object's resistance, found on the table below.

Once Bound, Attunement reduces the Target Number for any skill test involving use, control, or handling the object by 1. This bonus does not apply when the item is controlled via cybernetic interface (i.e. datajack, VCR). Attunement does not aid magical skills such as Sorcery, Conjuring, or Enchanting.

Object Resistance Table

Gear Object Resistance
Handcrafted Quality Blade 5
Production Line Gun, Modern Katana 7
Lockpick Kit, Dirt Bike 8
Car, Dikoted Katana, Racing Bike 9
Monofilament Whip, Thunderbird 10
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