Athabaskan Council

Athabaskan Council

The Athabaskan Council
Population 2,552,000
SINless Population (est.) 25%
Per Capita Income 16,000 =Y=
Below Poverty Level 30%
Megacorporate Affiliation 10%
Less than 12 years 34%
GED 42%
4 year degree 18%
Masters or higher 6%
Major Language English (61%)
Currency Nuyen
Capital Anchorage

The Athabaskan Council governs over the land that was Alaska. Harsh weather conditions bring everything from electrical storms to several-meters-a-day snowfall during the worst winter months. A large majority of the extremely diverse population lives in the three main cities, Anchorage, Edmonton and Fairbanks, though some do dwell elsewhere, across frozen tundras and occasional forests. This land, rich in oil, stays connected largely through a flourishing Matrix community that's connectivity has been adapted to withstand the difficulties the weather and geography provide.

The economy of the Athabaskan Council is built around its large supply of oil, as well as a few other natural resources, from uranium to timber. A thriving eco-tourism industry also helps to pad the AC's budget. While all of the megacorporations have some sort of operation in Athabaska, Aztechnology has the largest, with operations of oil mining, aquafarming and undersea mining. Renraku also has a large presence, largely controlling the communication infrastructures.

Athabaska enjoys many illegitimate ties to the other nations, thanks largely to it being a port-of-call on the Seattle Sea Run, a popular smuggler route that travels between Seattle and Vladivostok. Smuggling also brings in many of the higher-end goods to the people of Athabaska, and the prices show for it. The nature of the isolated land tends to keep it apart from conflicts elsewhere on the map, though some controversy is brewing as the ruling council debates whether or not to send aid to the Algonkian-Manitou Council, to assist them against the Manitou uprising.

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