Assensing Information
Successes Information Gained
0 None
1-2 General state of the subject's health (healthy, ill,etc.) as well as the presence of cyberware.
General Emotional State (happy, sad, angry)
Class of a magical subject (Fire Elemental, Power Focus, Health Spell)
If subject is Awakened or mundane
If you have seen the subject's aura before, you will recognize it, regardless of physical disguise.
3-4 All of the above PLUS
Whether the subject's Essence, Force, and/or Magic are Equal, Higher, or Lower than yours.
General Location of any implants.
General diagnosis for any maladies (disease or toxin) the subject suffers from.
Any astral signatures on the subject.
5+ All of the above PLUS
The exact Force, Magic, and Essence of the subject.
The exact location of any implants.
An accurate diagnosis of any disease or toxin the subject suffers from.
The general cause of any emotional impression (murder,riot, religious ceremony, etc.)
General cause of any magical signature (combat spell,hearth spirit, etc.)
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