Shadowrun - Denver is approval-only, which means that if you want to play you'll need to get a character application approved first. Such applications should be entered into the +bg system (+help bg). There are several things you should know before applying, in order to speed up the registration process:

  • Applications from players are accepted for standard metahuman characters only. Though other types of NPCs exist on the game, they are foil characters and are intended for plots, not play. New players to Shadowrun should be of one of the basic archetypes to get a feel for how the game is played.
  • A typical application will run from three to four pages in length, and should give a solid idea of what the character is like. Things to include are background, personality, goals, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and a reason for being in Denver. Use the chargen system in the Player Nexus to set up your stats. And if you describe a backwoods hill-billy in your app, don't go into chargen and set up an amazing skill with computers. See '+news bg' for more information on backgrounds.
  • Your background should answer most of the 20 Questions in '+news bg questions' during the course of its reading. Do not list the answers off one by one. If you do, your application will be summarily rejected and you will be told to read this again. You don't have to answer all the questions, they are a merely a guideline as to what sort of things we look for when considering if a character seems real enough.
  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are important. Try and proofread your application before sending it in. I don't care if English is your second language, or even your first language. An application I cannot read will not be accepted. You should demonstrate a good grasp of English and storytelling ability.
  • While you should feel free to apply any character concept you like, we do appreciate diversity. A MUSH composed only of deckers can get a trifle boring at times. Your application will be more likely to be approved if it's in a character class that isn't that common on the MUSH.

Pro Tip! Another way to double check your application is to run a general concept past players in the OOC Lounge to see if they see any obvious problems with it. Feel free to ask us any questions, we're all pretty friendly here.

Processing Your Application

  • When your application is received it will be processed in the order it is received. The reviewers will typically take a couple of days to get back to you. If you haven't heard anything in four or five days, a polite inquiry is in order to staff members. Asking in the OOC Lounge about your app will not get it approved any faster.
  • After some consideration of the reasons for the idea and the consequences it might have, it has been decided that ports from other MUSHs will not be allowed. Character concepts should be original. If you really want to play a character from a tabletop game or another MUSH, feel free to apply, but they will have to go through the application process just like everyone else and start out at chargen levels.
  • You can get karma for an application if it's of high quality. Drop-dead Pulitzer level applications could get as much as 20 points of karma to begin with. Be creative! Be descriptive! Be original! And run spell check. ;)
  • We'll also give 2 points of karma to you if you bring a friend over onto the grid, mentions you in the app, and gets approved. (If they reference more than one person, the award will be divided up among all.)
  • The following are other questions that we'd like to see answered in your background. Some of them are, in fact, purely OOC questions directed at the player, not the character. You may wish to include OOC notes in a section separate from your background.

1. How did you hear about Shadowrun-Denver? If you heard about it from someone, make sure to put their name here so they can get karma points.

2. What are your goals as a player on here? What do you want to do? What sort of plots or PC interaction are you interested in?

3. Are there any sorts of RP you /don't/ want to participate in?

4. Is there anything special about your character you'd like GMs to be aware of in scenes?

  • Submitting your Application. Please following the guidelines in '+news bg' when writing your application. Once you've input your application into the +bg system (+help bg) or the web (+help setwebpassword), please type the following:

+bg/submit <archetype>

In the above, please replace <archetype> with your character's archetype (Mage, Shaman, Rigger, Decker, Samurai, etc).


Reasons why your application might not be approved

This list is not comprehensive, but are the most common reasons applications get rejected.

1. High-level skills not covered very well in background.
2. Gear with ratings above 6 or availabilities above 8.
3. Min-maxing your stats without good justification in background.
4. Not giving us any feel for your character.
5. Having only 6's for skills.

Basically, make your sheet match your background. Remember, not everyone who has ever picked up a gun and shot it a couple times is the equivalent of a SEAL team sniper.

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