Alternate Characters (ALTS)

Alternate Characters (ALTS) Policy

Shadowrun Denver currently allows players to, if they choose, create a second 'alternate' player character. This second player character is subject to the following restrictions:

1. A second PC may not be created until the original surviving PC amasses 50 total karma points. If that alt is killed or retired, another 50 total karma points must be gained before a new alt is created.

2. The second player character must be registered as an alt during chargen.

3. No interaction is permitted between the two characters, including (but not limited to) exchange of money, items, noms, reputation, apartment rental, or information. The alts are separate entities and should be kept that way. This extends to character gains passed through third parties to alts. All substantial transactions are subject to staff scrutiny, reversal, and possible disciplinary action.

4. Alts should never both participate in the same playerplot.

5. Players should avoid having their alternate characters in the same IC room as one another. If it happens, one character should as quickly as is feasible be removed from the location so as to avoid interaction.

6. Karma rollover would be granted from only *one* of the alternate characters at a time. In other words, if both PC's die/retire, and you create a new one, you get karma rollover from only one of them.

7. Players are limited to a total of two (2) player characters at present (see '+news policy alts3' for exceptions to this).

8. The player characters must be significantly different archetypes. In addition, only one of them may be magically active. By 'significantly different', we mean that your characters should have a different focus, a different reason for being. You can play two samurai, for example, as long as they show differences. Once may be a hardened ex-merc explosives expert, while the other is a soft-spoken technophile with a penchant for non-lethal weapons. Both are samurai, yet both are different.

9. Alts must be approved through the normal application process, including background creation and approval. Backgrounds for 'second' player characters will be subject to higher standards for creativity and depth of character development than primary characters are. The background should show a great deal of thought and effort put into the new character.

Feel free, as well, to RP any NPCs you like. This includes things like your contacts, bartenders, etc. Note that it is often rude to roleplay someone else's NPCs without permission, including the 'named' NPCs used by the staff in plots. 'Generic' NPCs, however, are plentiful on the grid. Feel free to interact with them. Get mugged (well, attempted) by a gang. Chat with a bartender about rumors. Talk to an NPC Shadowrunner and maybe hire them for a run.

Second Alt

Upon reaching 200 karma with one alt (Not a summation of all alts, this must be on one PC, it demonstrates stability and not a propensity to overturn alts regularly) a PC may elect to start a third alt. This alt must adhere to all rules of the alts policy and the following rules.

1: Magical limitations. Only one of your three alts may be Magical. This helps to, while not limiting your ability to play a magical character to nothing, reflect that magic is a rare thing. If neither of your first two alts are magical, the third can be.

2: Racial Preference: You are limited to two elves. If your first two characters are elves, the third one can't be.

3: To qualify for a third alt, you must have 200 karma on one PC, not 100 on 2. If the PC with 200+ karma dies, you may not reapp for a third alt until such time as as one of the existing PC's has 200 karma.

That's all. Game on!

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