Allowed Character Types

Our basic policy is that we allow any character that you can build in chargen, provided you have a background that's believable within the scope of the game. This means for your equipment, you have a maximum availability of 8, a maximum rating of 6. We strongly suggest that your character have some ties to the shadows to make it easier to interact with the rest of the game. Here's some examples of character types we allow:

  • Your Average Sammie/Mage/Decker: No problems. Just stay in the avail limits. (This includes you deckers and your MPCP rating - maximum of 6.) There's no 'slot limits' on mages or the like, and there never will be.
  • Biosculpted Characters: Really want to be furry? There's bioware in Man and Machine that let you do that. Just make sure you purchase it.
  • Snipers: Although you can't start out with one of the sniper rifles in the book (they start at availability 12 and go up from there) you can make the character in chargen and pick up a snazzy rifle later. Also check out these rifles for a rifle you /can/ get in chargen.
  • Smallbiz: We currently don't have +income code, so we only really pay attention to PC transactions and assume that you make enough money from NPCs to pay utilities, bills and such.
  • Gangers or Gang Leaders: Take the other gang members as Buddies (if they're not willing to die for you) or Friends For Life (if they are). Note this gets expensive. Real fast. Also take any 'gang gear' as part of your Resources, and they need to believable for a gang. Suggestion: Guns of Avail 2-4 availability and relatively cheap (under 1000). Most gangers also usually don't have a lot of cyberware.
  • 'Legit' characters: In other words, ones that are following the law.
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