Allied German States

Allied German States

Allied German States
Population 99,700,000
SINless Population (est.) 23%
Per Capita Income 32,000
Below Poverty Level 20%
Megacorporate Affiliation 41%
Less than 12 years 22%
GED 43%
4 year degree 29%
Masters or higher 9%
Major Language German (73%)
Currency Euro
Capital Hannover

The Allied German States are a confederation with eleven semi-autonomous member states. The Alliance government is far less centralized than the old Federal Republic: it handles international diplomacy, maintains armed forces and oversees the national communication, power and travel networks. The metahuman domains and contaminated SOX are not full members, though they maintain a loose association with the AGS. Several larger sprawls - Rhine-Ruhr, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg - also have independent self-governing status.

The city of Hannover has been the nation's involuntary capital since 2023. In the election campaign of 2061 , a coalition of liberals and pro-metas put their weight behind the conservative middle-right CVP (ChristJiche Volkspartei, or Christian
People's Party) as the current AGS government.

The Allied German States are a federal republic. In Hannover, the German Parliament debates over matters of federal interests, but decisions are usually only made concerning national security or foreign policy matters. Instead, decision-making powers lie in the Council of Ministers, consisting of representatives of the provincial governments. Corporate influence remains high, as many politicians also hold positions on corporate boards. Therefore, conflicts of interest between party politics, provincial and federal interests and corporate strategies often paralyze domestic politics and regularly force council representatives to resign from their political duties.

Members of the Allied German States are:

  • Badisch-Pfalz
  • Brandenburg
  • Duchy of Saxony
  • Franconia
  • Free State of Bavaria
  • Free State of Thuringia
  • Free State of Westphalia
  • Hesse-Nassau
  • Nordrhine-Ruhr
  • North German League
  • W├╝rttemberg

Associated Territories

  • Black Forest Troll Kingdom
  • Duchy of Pomorya
  • Grand Duchy of Westrhine-Luxembourg

Free Cities

  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
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