Admin Code of Conduct

Admin Code of Conduct

1. Staff members should, at all times when dealing with players, maintain an attitude of politeness, courtesy, and professionalism toward the players. This does not mean the staff member has to be nice, or cannot be firm, but it does mean that they should treat players with respect and courtesy.

2. Admins may, in addition to their admin body, have PC alts like other players, subject to the normal restrictions. They may not handle their own queue requests, or award karma/cash/reputation/items/abilities to their own PC. They may not run admin plots involving their own PC unless
(a) All players involved in the scene/plot agree that it is fine,
(b) Their PC's involvement is minor, AND
(c) Their PC receives no reward except from other players.
Staff members may still run playerplots with their PC, subject to the same restrictions as any other player's playerplot.

3. Staff members may not release information gained via their staff position to any non-staff member, except where such information is obviously intended for release to the playerbase as a whole.

4. Admins are at all times answerable to a high standard of ethics and fairness. While mistakes happen, and disagreements may occur, admins should act to as much as is possible remove bias from situations, excuse themselves from situations where they might have bias, and to enforce the rules as fairly as possible.

5. Staff members may eavesdrop using the +watcher system on any public area. Players may check if an admin is eavesdropping using the +edcheck command. Admins may not, however, eavesdrop on any private area except if invited to do so or if given permission to do so by a participant in the scene.

6. Violations of these policies should be sent to the HeadWiz and/or the Chief of Staff soon after the situation occurs. If possible, include a log of the situation, along with the date and time it occurred. We usually try to resolve situations as much as possible, rather than take punitive action (except for severe or repeated offenses). Everyone on this game is human and occasionally has a bad day. Try to work things out whenever possible rather than launching a formal investigation — save that for the situations that really warrant it.

7. It should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway, that using privileged information you learn as an admin ICly in your PC is not allowed. Sometimes it's hard to keep the two separate, but an effort should be made nonetheless.

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