Actions In Combat

Combat Actions

During a character's combat phase of the initiative pass, they declare their actions. Each character is allowed to take a free action and a complex action during their combat phase. A character may substitute the complex action for two (2) free actions or two (2) simple actions, giving them either three (3) free actions or a free action and two (2) simple actions for their pass.
Activate Cyberware Call a Shot Change Smartgun
Fire Mode
Deactivate Focus
Delay Action Drop Object Drop Prone Drop Sustained Spell
Eject Smartgun Clip Gesture Observe Speak a (short) Phrase
Activate Focus Call Nature Spirit Change Gun Mode Change Position
Command a Spirit Fire Weapon (SA/BF) Insert Clip Observe in Detail
Pick Up/Put Down Object Quick Draw Ready Weapon Remove Clip
Shift Perception Take Aim Throw Weapon Use Simple Object
Astral Projection Banish Spirit Call Elemental Cast Spell
Control Spirit Erase Astral Signature Fire Weapon (SS/FA) Fire Mounted Weapon
Fire Vehicle Weapon Melee/Unarmed Attack Reload Firearm Summon Nature Spirit
Use Complex Object Use Skill
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