Surgery Info

Surgery Modifiers

Situation Modifier
Surgery Location
Medical facility/hospital -2
Medical shop/clinic -1
Mobile shop/clinic +0
Elsewhere +3
Elsewhere without a medkit +5
Surgery Conditions
Bad conditions +3
Terrible conditions +4
Medical gear of better grade than necessary -1 per step
Clinic rating less than 3 +1/+2
Lacking medical profile +1
Lacking surgical plan See Note
Via telepresence +1
Per assistant used on the surgery -1
Magical care provided during surgery -1
Each prior procedure done this surgical session +1
Prior procedure attempt failed +2
Patient Condition
Essence 2 or less +1
Cyberzombie +(Absolute Essence Value)
Patient has bioware +(Bio index/2, round up)
Patient is Awakened +1
Implant Surgery
Alphaware +1
Betaware +3
Deltaware +6
Therapeutic Surgery
Cultured bioware +1
Attribute enhanced by cyberware or bioware +1
Transimplant Surgery
Cultured bioware +1
Generic non-matched transplant +1
Type O transplant +0
Cloned transplant -1
Trauma Surgery
Trauma patch used on patient +1
Each Positive Option +(Threshold Modifier)

Note: Not all surgeries need a plan to be performed. If the procedure deals with standard and alpha cyberware or standard bioware, the lack of a surgical plan does not change the TN of the surgery. Doing a beta cyberware or a cultured bioware procedure without a plan adds a +1 modifier. Doing a delta cyber procedure without a plan adds a +4 modifier. There's no need to plan for trauma and a cosmetic procedure without a plan has a +1 modifier. Any Doctor wishing to apply positive surgical options to a procedure must have a surgical plan completed prior to the operation. Furthermore, surgical plans need to be prepared by the operating doctor. Otherwise, there is a +1 tn per grade for working with another doctor's plan: +1 for basic, +2 for alpha, so forth. This reflects the doctor's lack of direct, intimate knowledge of how the plan was constructed.

Surgical Base TNs

Cosmetic Surgery Target Number
Simple 3
Moderate 5
Serious 6
Negative Options: Essence Loss, Marred Appearance, Scarring
Positive Options: Human Looking (+2), Improved Looks (+2), Nanosurgery (+2), Natural Looks (+1)
Implant Surgery
Install cyberware 4
Remove cyberware 3
Repair cyberware 4
Upgrade cyberware 4
Negative Options: Essence Cost, Obvious
Positive Options: Concealed (+1), Essence Reduction (+2), Nanosurgery (+2)
Therapeutic Surgery
Correct bioware failure 5
Correct Attribute failure 6
Negative Options: Bio Index Gain, Scar Tissue
Positive Options: Nanosurgery (+2)
Transimplant Surgery
Install bioware 5
Remove bioware 4
Transplant organ/limb 5
Negative Options: Bio Index Gain
Positive Options: Bio Index Reduction (+1), Nanosurgery (+2)
Trauma Surgery TN = Physical Damage Modifier + (Stun Damage Modifier / 2) + (Physical Overflow / 2)
Negative Options: Essence Loss, Mangled Part, Marred Appearance, Wound Effect
Positive Options: Improved Healing (+1), Nanosurgery (+2), Trauma Control (+2)

The negative options for surgery can be picked by the surgeon creating the plan or the one performing the surgery, if no plan is provided.

The following Positive Surgical Option has also been added:

Careful Procedure
(Cosmetic, Implant, Therapeutic, Transimplant, Threshold: See Rules)
This option is treated as having a Threshold of +2 during the Planning stage, thus adding +2 to the Base Time Modifier. During Surgery, however, instead of adding to the TN, it reduces the TN by 1. In other words: It makes the plan harder to do and take longer, but it makes the surgery easier.

Surgery Damage

Type of Surgery Wound Level
Simple L
Moderate M
Serious S
Implant/Remove/Upgrade Cyberware See Table Below
Repair Cyberware L
Repair Stress M
Repair Failure S
Implant/Remove Bioware See Table Below
Transplant Limb/Organ S
Implant Essence Cost/Bio Index Physical Damage Boxes
Less than 0.2 1
0.2-0.29 2
0.3-0.49 3
0.5-0.79 4
0.8-1.29 5
1.3-2.09 6
2.1-3.39 7
3.4-5.49 8
5.5-8.89 9
8.9+ 10

Note: Any piece of ware that is neurological in nature has double the damage boxes.

For example:
Wired Reflexes
Cerebral Booster

Surgical procedure times

Type and Procedure Base Time
Cosmetic 24 hrs
Implant Install/Remove/Upgrade 72 hrs
Repair 36 hrs
Therapeutic 48 hrs
Transimplant 60 hrs
Surgery Involves Base Time Modifier
Alphaware x 2
Betaware x 4
Deltaware x 8
Cultured Bioware x 6
Nanoware x 4
Each Positive Option x (Threshold Modifiers)

Test: Medicine vs 4, +1 for each Positive Option

All surgical medical shops contain the required computer space to plan surgeries for their focus and grade. They do not allow the planning of surgeries for other focuses. For example, an implant clinic cannot be used to plan for a bioware procedure, nor can a standard grade clinic plan (easily) for delta surgery. For every grade above your gear you're planning, there is a +2 modifier. For example, if you have standard grade facilities, planning for a beta grade surgery results in a +4 tn modifier. If you have an alpha grade clinic, preparing for beta results in just a +2 modifier. The Built-in planning facilities are limited to a single doctor per rating of the clinic. All doctors assisting on the plan must have Biotech (base) at 4 and Medicine (base) at 4 or better.

While a facility is being used for planning, it cannot be used for surgeries or other procedures. Only one plan may be underway at any time. All normal leadership limitations of surgery apply to plan-teams. The leader of the plan-team must be the leader of the surgery. For more planning flexibility, invest in a planning network.

Planning cannot be done outside of a clinic or planning network for anything above standard grade ware.

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