The Sixth World and Racism

Racism in the 6th World, much like in the 5th World of today, is everywhere. It's only slightly more easily spotted, too, when you catch the disgusted looks out of the corners of your eyes that humans pass to trolls and orks and elves and dwarves on the streets. Make no mistake about it, some degree of racism is present in the vast majority of the populace of 2064, and just because they're hardened shadowrunners doesn't make them any less distasteful of creatures that are 150 percent their size, or half of it. The files under this heading detail the major racism-related groups, policlubs, "gangs", and terrorist organizations present in the Denver area and the world in 2064.

Alamos 20,000

"we are the real man - the man the ork skum luvverz wanta keep down but cant. they gonna die an burn in flamez like in hell like god sed all demunz gonna burn. Ohyo just the begining. Its the bomb made them, the big bomb like the fraggin injunz got a bomb too and they give it to the injunz so they gotta burn like in hell. twenty thouzund soljerz all got flameing swordz like anjelz and the orkz an elfs and other mettaskum all will burn like in Ohyo. we are Alamos like the bomb come from. ALL rememeber the Alamos. twnty thouzund."

The above missive popped into 187 major media orgs' mailboxes simultaneously, two hours after the napalm strike on New Visions, Ohio on June 23, 2036. That was the first time anyone had ever heard of Alamos 20,000. It was also the last. They bombed a town, and a camera depicted from the bombsight an ever-faster approaching Ork baby in his cradle as the bomb descended…and then they were never heard from again.

While many subsequent terrorist actions have been claimed by, or attributed to, Alamos 20K, further investigation has shown that none of these are actually the work of that group, at least not provably. Alamos 20K has spawned quite a number of copycat organizations, and groups like the Cult of Man or the Free Human Brotherhood often undertake nasty terroristic actions. Alamos 20K itself has not claimed a single action under the aegis of that fateful name since the napalm strike in 2036, though more than a few other actions have been taken with the actual perpetrators attempting to make it look as if Alamos 20K had done such a thing.

Does the group known as Alamos 20,000 still exist? The short version is, no one knows. They haven't stuck their heads up for almost 30 years now, nor have they claimed responsibility for any other anti-metahuman attacks. It's obvious from their screed that they are human supremacists, with a good dose of anti-native american tossed in for good measure. No one knows what the actual constituency of the group is, or if it even exists anymore—but they still hold a great deal of fear for those who worry that even now they're just trying to find a way to top firebombing a town filled with metahumans in the hit parade of horrors…

Cult of Man

The Cult of Man has been active in recent years and months in Denver as a particularly antagonistic terrorist group. Several cells of their structure have been broken down by the work of police and in more than a few cases, diligent shadowrunners, but still more tendrils of the organization remain at large. It is surmised that the Cult of Man is: (a) a particularly nasty branch of the Ministry of Mankind; (b) elite members of the Free Human Brotherhood; (c) operating at the direction of the Unity Coalition or Humanis; (d) a mercenary group hiring out its anti-meta racist terrorist talent to whichever of the above groups or others is the highest bidder of the moment; (e) an independent terror organization or (f) some combination of all of the above. The Cult of Man is not solely racist—they are also quite strongly anti-magic, and are known to target magically active individuals regardless of their race for terrorist action.

Regardless of what the Cult of Man's actual backings are, there's no doubt they've been successful in recent spurts of terror around the Denver area. It's also pretty obvious that they're not going to be wiped out anytime soon, though their striking elements have been at least temporarily blunted by the hard work of the shadow community against their actions. What the future holds for this group remains to be seen.

Free Human Brotherhood

"Last lockup I wuz in, fraggin' slags tryna run things, geek anywyn din't play their way. Free Human Brotherhood gave a real man somewun t'watch his back, no warthog could stik a snick innit. I'm FHB an' proud - walk tall, take no drek from anything on too feet. Not orks, not elfs, not trolls - not no metaluvver race traitors either. Don't frag with FHB, we won't frag wit' you. But cross us an' we know you, an' onna day of rope and flame, we know what ta do wit' you too." —Member "Real Brother" on Shadowland, 5/16/57

The Free Human Brotherhood is a violence-prone gang of human supremacists that has organized into cells largely based in prisons around the North American continent. Beginning with prisoners banding together for protection against the larger and more predatory inmates, the FHB has become quite the little assortment of cons and ex-cons outside of jails, responsible for all sorts of minor degradations around the UCAS, CAS, and other nations of North America. Its members and former members spread out amongst gangs in local areas that share, or can be taught to share, the FHB's belief structure. This produces the violence of the sort one might expect from street gangs populated by ex-convict racists; the Free Human Brotherhood is not terribly well organized but what they lack in organization they tend to make up for in sheer numbers and energy.


Several gangs across North America are strongly racist in nature. Some of these are essentially youth groups for various policlubs (or in one case, for an entire nation), whereas others are just independent groups of racists. Who backs who and why tends to vary; needless to say, the more 'politically conscious' groups (the Humanis Policlub, Tir Tairngere, and the ORC) deny and hide involvement with various gangs, where other groups (the Sons of Sauron) make no effort to conceal their ties.

In Denver, the Paladins (pro-human) and the Goblin Yell (pro-ork and troll) are both prominent racially-motivated gangs. Additionally, the Ancients, a nationwide go-gang that has no particularly strong presence in Denver but whose members can be found all across North America, are a sort of militant youth group of Elven supremacists specifically strong in Seattle and around Tir Tairngere; they are quietly and obliquely backed by the government of that Elven nation.

Humanis Policlub

The Humanis Policlub

The Humanis Policlub is, quite simply, a policlub whose primary beliefs are that metahumans and humans should be separated. They don't care much for metahumans, and their public platforms are basically that metahumans and humans shouldn't mix. They're not virulent racists proclaiming that metahumans should be all killed. It's probably best to think of them as separatists, in terms of their public message. Humanis Policlub members don't beat the crap out of metahumans, they are, quite often, very POLITE to metahumans. They might get rude from time to time, but the Humanis Policlub folks are the kind and gentle face of racism.

s also important to note that unlike the KKK of today, there are a LOT of people who agree with Humanis about their political views. They may not inherently *hate* metahumans, but there's a whole lot of human *fear* of metahumans, especially trolls and elves—who are, respectively, viewed as large monstrosities (they are usually a good 3 feet taller than the average human) and as backstabbing sneaky sly beings (cf. Tir na n'Og and Tir Tairngere).

So, Humanis is just a bunch of people who share separatist beliefs, and not even in the manner of let's-go-up-in-the-woods-and-make-a-militia sense of the term. Nice guys, huh?

The *virulent* racists are the terrorist organizations that bomb metahumans and do all sorts of naughty things: FHB, sometimes Unity, the Cult of Man, and of course the dozens of other flash-in-the-pan terrorist 'organizations' that tend to exist only long enough to claim responsibility for some dead metas. Also, there are lots of other gangs and gangers who do really bad things. Are they tied to Humanis? No one knows. Humanis certainly and quite often protests and complains publically about these bad things happening and disavows them. Whether or not they're full of drek is up to the observer, but no ties between the organization and terrorism have ever been proven.


Japanese and Nipponese racism against non-humans is the most common and most prevalent incidence of racism in most modern situations. At one time, the Japanese maintained an island concentration camp near the Phillippenes named Yomi Island where they shipped the kawaru—the unclean, unwanted orks and trolls and elves and dwarves that ran counter to the Japanese racial ideal. While the current status of Yomi is unknown, much of modern society, shaped by Japan and its corporate dominance (Renraku, Mitsuhama Corporate Technologies, and Shiawase, as well as the remnants of the Fuchi corporation that exist in other corporations, are all 'Japanacorps' or Japanese Zaibatsus/Zaibatseries) has a strong general distaste for kawaru, orks, and trolls.

This will be evident in hiring practices. Japanacorps, and businesses doing business with Japanacorps, don't tend to hire a lot of metahumans in 'normal' situations. When they hire metas for shadow operations, they rarely pay them well and/or they often use them for the most dirty, deadly, or deniable of jobs. Also, the Yakuza - the Japanese underworld - never uses metahumans in its membership for anything but scut and thug work, and never raises them to any ranks of importance.

Ministry of Mankind

The Ministry of Mankind is a globe-spanning organizaiton of charitable and educational organizations that works to help the poor, needy, and starving members of third world nations. They're one of the largest producers of trid advertisements depicting small, starving children with narratives beseeching the viewer to donate just a little bit of money a day so poor little Carlos can eat. On first glance, and even deep into the third or fourth glance, the Ministry of Mankind seems to be an outstanding faith-based religious charity. When you get deeper within their workings, however, past the polish, you discover the tarnish within.

The Ministry takes very subtle actions to ensure the supremacy of the normal human over the inferior metahuman, and its actions are well-cloaked and hidden. They make subtle alterations to fairy tales and children's stories, so that the myths seem to redesign heroic humanity against metahumanity in various slight manners as the protagonists. A series of charity clinics run by the Ministry in one area helped treat people for a nasty virus that spread through some of an enclave's poorer sections; while the people there were cured, every metahuman who underwent treatment since the "treatment" has since proven to be sterile. The Ministry does a very good job of covering its tracks, and any public detractors have a long way to go to counteract all the good the organization has done in relation to whatever evils are perceived.

Mothers of Metahumans

The Mothers of Metahumans organization is a policlub in the same vein as the Humanis Policlub, save on the opposite side of the fence. Started primarily by its namesake, MOM has grown from a grassroots organization of human mothers trying to protect their goblinized sons and daughters to a truly broad coalition of those who are concerned with metahuman rights in the broad sense. While MOM focusses more on orks and trolls than elves and dwarves, they have concerns all over the metahuman spectrum and in some areas that might even prove damaging to them: some MOM chapters are pressing for better rights for ghouls and others infected with the various strains of HMHVV; this dissension in the midst of its ranks has caused some serious tension amidst the entire organization.

Needless to say, MOM is sort of like the Shadowrun universe's version of 'ultimate bleeding-heart liberal' on the political spectrum. They're viewed as having a right to concern themselves but a bit too much like busybodies for most people to pay too much attention to; think of them as sort of like the ACLU writ large.

Natural Law

The Natural Law policlub was once quite active in the Denver city area agitating against the settlement of the Relocation Clause of the Treaty of Denver in the 2020s, representing the disenfranchised and angry groups of former Americans who were being forced out of the lands that they had held for centuries at the hands of 'upstart Indians'. Their particular brand of politics has been on the decline in the years following the partitioning of Denver, but they've still got quite a membership of people for whom the pain of losing their homes and lands have not faded.

It is suspected (but has never been proven) that Natural Law is behind more than a few anti-Native American crimes, including a few assassinations over the last few years of prominent Native American community figures throughout the Denver area. The group has been very careful to officially condemn these acts of violence while publicly sympathizing with the goals of those who have performed them.

Ork Rights Committee

The ORC is a bit more of an angry young man's version of the Mothers of Metahumanity. Dominated by the flowering adulthood of the Ork race, the ORC is dedicated to achieving a modicum of equality for orks and trolls amongst the sea of racism that they currently face. Well known for their loud and passionate rallies and speeches, the ORC tends to be more marginalized than Humanis in the eyes of the majority of people because of the deep efforts that Humanis puts into discrediting various members of the organization.

The ORC is about more than just political demonstrations and rallies, though they aren't quite terrorists. ORC activists have caused deaths and riots and incited all sorts of violence in the name of freeing their repressed racial brothers, and this has harmed their cause as much as some of their best speakers have advanced it. The sorts of things that ORC action groups do are bomb empty Humanis headquarters, target corporate and political figures for public humiliation, and start riots during Humanis rallies. They've done some nasty things in the past and will likely do so in the future, but they will be the first to tell you that what they've done is nothing compared to the sort of things that have been done to their racial brethren in the name of human purity. Whether or not two wrongs make a right is up to the beholder.

Sons of Sauron

The Sons of Sauron are the most famous (but by no means the only) terrorist organization that operates on the side of the "anti-racists". Pointing to the Night of Rage, Yomi Island, the New Visions, Ohio incident and hundreds if not thousands of other anti-metahuman violent actions over the last fifty years or so, the Sons of Sauron believe that the only way to answer violence against metahumans is to make it too costly to contemplate: by responding with even harsher violence against the pro-human crowd. Needless to say, the Sons of Sauron are pretty popular amongst disaffected metahumans throughout North America.

Organized into small cellular groups, the Sons of Sauron have been responsible for a great number of terrorist acts over the last twenty years and look to show no signs of slowing down. They are smart enough to organize themselves in cells, and thus it's been very difficult for law enforcement or their many enemies to track down exactly who is at the top of this labyrinthine organization's structure. While they haven't gone for large-scale targets like New Visions, and they tend to try to avoid 'collateral' damage, there's no doubt that these folks are virulently racist and that they don't like humans very much at all.

Unity Coalition

Unity, or the Unity Coalition, is a virulently racist policlub based out of Denver. It's noted for absolutely hating the Humanis Policlub, despite widely similar viewpoints to the uninitiated outside of its ranks, and for its strident and vocal protests against anything it believes is a threat to the pure humans in the Denver area. Their tenets are rabidly xenophobic and anti-metahuman, and they're usually the most "active" of the "softer" racist groups—Humanis tends to work a lot more quietly than these folks do; these are the sorts you will see picketting in front of metahuman free medical clinics and protesting the forming of co-educational schools that mix the racial types.

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