The Great Rally Race!

This race will consist of a single driver/navigator combo, driving a timed trial over a course that will vary in terrain and length.

Buggy Stats:
Hand speed Acceleration Body
3/2 120 10 2

Basic rules:

Traveling over posted speed limit: For every five over the posted speed limit, you take an additional +1 to your handling.

Non-damage crash: This occurs when you fail a handling test, but pass a crash test. You effectively drove off the road, but can recover and continue on with only the time penalty it takes to get back on the road and up to speed (More info to come)

Damage caused crash: If you crash and fail a crash test, this obviously means your vehicle, and possibly the passengers in it, will take a damage test. Any damage of S or greater will disable the vehicle and disqualify it from the race for safety reasons. Otherwise is the same as non-damage crash for time penalties.

Finishing:There will be several 'hazards' to be passed, which will have a specified speed to try them at. Going over that will of course add to the TN needed to pass the maneuver. Total speed (minus penalties), averaged out will be the 'time' of the racer. So obviously going faster around hazards will benefit the team even though it adds risk.

Karma: Each driver will be limited to the used of one(1) karma per 'hazard', to be used as the driver sees fit. They can not be saved up over obsticals, and are gone one a particular hazard is passed.

Routes: Routes will be announced the day of the race, and all navigators will be provided a topigraphical map annointed with important information on the route, including speed limits and any hazards that might be in the way.

Vehicles: All vehicles will be provided by Tanasen, and are all built to the same exacting standards. This is a race of skill, not of machines.

Magic: No magic will be allowed during the race, or before the race that would affect the outcome.

Starting: Each car will be spaced ten minutes apart on the route, to allow enough time to clean up accidents or wrecks that might block the road, and to prevent cars from running into each other along the route to cause further hazard. There is No Pole Position, and it doesn't matter if you go first or last, all that matters is the time it takes you to finish the course.

Route 1: 10km - Novice Route

Route 2: 15km - Average Route

Route 3: 20km - Skilled Route

Route 4: 25km - Experianced route

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