Borders: The Warzone, Tir Llwen, The Sticks and Fox Hollow Districts, UCAS Sector.
Dominant Gang: The Sons of Sauron (Coalition)
Other Gangs: The Horsemen, The Demolition Boyz, DockaDockas, Goblin Yell

It's hard to say what came first, Orktown or the Sons of Sauron. It's immaterial as Orktown flourished in the last decade, drawing to itself a gathering of several thousand orks and a much smaller number of trolls. The Sons got a few basic amenities operational by tapping in to an underground power conduit, but recent actions have seen the Sons of Sauron's leadership gutted by a mysterious illness.

Orktown is, despite its immense strength and power, without a leader and the Orktown gangs have been getting setbacks on all fronts. The landscape is one of acute poverty, where orkish families live a sustenance lifestyle, supported by the largesse of the gangs who funnel money and goods 'back home'.

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