Current +motd


What are they?

+motd is the command on the wiki that displays the current situation on Shadowrun Denver. For ease of use it is added this to the wiki now as it changes, with an archive of it's releases. That way we can recapitulate past +motd states.

Current +motd

Current Global +motd is only the last currently active +motd. The rest is listed inside the archives for history purposes only.

Global +motd no longer need to care for the input made into this field. The files are automatically named and this is merely a title that could be used, but is not used.
It helps with the internal display, though, so I would suggest still using a format like yyyymmddnn.

21 Jul 2020 18:24

Things have grown calmer on the surface of Denver. The dragon stabilizing his power is slowly whittling out unwanted influences to his reign. The Denver Criminal Underground is on heavy pressure by the law. This endangers the current balance of power. The relationships between the cartels already destabilized by Lone Star's heavy reaction to losing another Denver CEO.

The trading situation and the lack of supplies from Aztech are addressed mostly now, though. The same goes for legal matters, allowing some things to return to normal.

The Djotto Serri and the PCC acquired an uneasy balance along their border, but still I-15 is an uneasy watched by both sides.

Smuggling along I-15 has stabilized, but some people are still looking for new trade-lines, leading more directly into Denver, the city stabilizing itself as the most important smuggling hub in the west of North America. Even surpassing Seattle now, as all the most lucrative trade routes now coalesce into Denver.

- Jobs along the PCC/Jotto Serri border. Feel free to run any kind of cold war kind of missions. +1 Karma for those kinds of runs.
- Additional +10K reward for plots that find creative solutions to pass through PCC directly into Denver, starting from I-15.

- The Denver Underworld is under immense strain, so even slight infraction can cause disproportionate reactions.
- Organized Crime activities also suffer from a stronger pressure from the now more unified security forces set into place by Ghostwalker.

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