Current +motd


What are they?

+motd is the command on the wiki that displays the current situation on Shadowrun Denver. For ease of use it is added this to the wiki now as it changes, with an archive of it's releases. That way we can recapitulate past +motd states.

Current +motd

Current Global +motd is only the last currently active +motd. The rest is listed inside the archives for history purposes only.

Global +motd no longer need to care for the input made into this field. The files are automatically named and this is merely a title that could be used, but is not used.
It helps with the internal display, though, so I would suggest still using a format like yyyymmddnn.

27 Jan 2021 21:01

The approaching Chinese New Year is casting a shadow on the shadowscene. Rivaling crime orgs try to get out of their hidey holes after the DSF finally is stopping to fully stomp down on them. Especially the Asian syndicates seem to have gotten a serious boost as the massive building by Wuxing draws a lot more asian into town. This also corresponds with a strongly enlarged Asian presence in the underground sector, making life harder for the formerly dominant western syndicates. To add to things, the Russians also have started pushing in and the Spanish America and Ute based syndicates agreed on an alliance to get lost ground back some of which happened during the take over of their sectors through PCC and CAS.

- Lots of jobs from the mobs from both internal and external struggles. The power-play is in full swing (+1 Karma to every plot run in context to organized crime getting out of their holes)
- The Sticks still offer a good playground for acquisitions. An additional 10K gear rewards for plots that deal with 'finding things that fell off a truck'.

- Old mob feuds are coming back with a vengeance. Players are threatened to get dragged deeper in than they wish to be. (Consequence plots are a threat)
- All non-Denver SIN'S are on a much stronger examination (+2 dice on any internal border checks)

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