Current +motd


What are they?

+motd is the command on the wiki that displays the current situation on Shadowrun Denver. For ease of use it is added this to the wiki now as it changes, with an archive of it's releases. That way we can recapitulate past +motd states.

Current +motd

Current Global +motd is only the last currently active +motd. The rest is listed inside the archives for history purposes only.

Global +motd no longer need to care for the input made into this field. The files are automatically named and this is merely a title that could be used, but is not used.
It helps with the internal display, though, so I would suggest still using a format like yyyymmddnn.

05 Jun 2020 18:13

The Great Dragon Ghostwalker has officially taken over Denver. An internationally binding treaty has agreed on admitting this fact for real. Security is slowly getting down to normal with the status of both Ute and Aztlan in the clear. Still, Aztech and Aztlan (hard to separate the two really), being miffed about the kick-out, are currently neglecting the many Aztlan based supply chains in Denver resulting in such popular chains like Paco Taco, Natural Vat, NukeIt and StufferShack are lacking supplies and can either only deliver their services in a limited way or not at all. Other franchises are on the jump to take over, but as is always the case it takes some time. In the meantime prices in some areas are exploding or at least higher than normal.

Ute has by now completely been dissolved, the only real remnant of the formerly proud nation being the Free City of Provo. Aztlan Sector is all but integrated into CAS, but there is of course still some birthing pains with the integration of both sectors into their new owners.

Tir Tairnguire is in a full power struggle with itself. Basically several factions of the Rinelle ke' Tesrae fighting it out whose faction will have the upper hand in the end. This situation is likely to last a little longer, even or maybe especially with Djotto Serri forces acting as part of a Blue Helmet UN mission inside the nation to deescalate things.

Between the Djotto Serri and the PCC an uneasy peace, not unlike a cold war has settled in. Allowing for many job opportunities for enterprising runners as both sides reinforce the border on their side of I-15.

- Jobs along the PCC/Jotto Serri border. Feel free to run any kind of cold war kind of missions. Especially anything about espionage about the border setup of the respective other side and other interesting data. 25 more payout rewards.
- Smuggling runs along I-15 are taking up a drive with the situation stabilizing. Plots about how the cities along that new Interstate-smuggling route fare with their new no-man land status are at +1 Karma.
- Any plots inside the Tir are at +1 Karma, with the chaos in the country affecting all runs.
- You still can do contact plots where your contacts face hardship, or need help with the new situation in Denver

- The distrust of orcs has lessened a bit, but they are still on some scrutiny by people around. Others showing open affiliation with the Djotto Serri face the same bias.
- Basic consumer electronics and foodstuffs are at +20%, magical supplies (ingredients, expendable foci, conjuring materials, spell formulae and fetishes) are at +10%
- One die more on DW response time due to working on extending into Aztech Service where they take over Medicarro services.
- Legal matters (Permits, SIN's) are still at +50% for the time being due to enhanced checks.
- SIN checks are still at +2 difficulty.

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