House Rules Index

Shadowrun: Denver uses the following books. It's not required that you have all these books, but you should at least have the main book, and might consider having the book appropriate to your character (if there is one.)

Books in use:

  • Shadowrun, 3rd Edition
  • Magic in the Shadows - Good for magic users.
  • Man and Machine - Cyber, bioware, surgery.
  • Cannon Companion - Guns. Martial Arts. Guns. BTLs. More guns.
  • Matrix - All things decker and Otaku.
  • Rigger 3 Revised - Cars and Drones. No Naval gear/rules.
  • SOTA: 2063 - All kinds of things for the high tech world.
  • Shadowrun : Companion - Game rules and contact data. No edges/flaws, SOTA degradation rules or whatnot.
  • Year of the Comet - theme, some new magic. Anything that happened in Denver, didn't. Everything else is fine.
  • Sprawl Survival Guide - Theme, Background, and Rules. See the HR for SSG for modifications to this book's rules specifically.

NOTE: These house rules are for reference. Any text on the mush of Shadowrun Denver is the authoritative document. Changes to the Wiki do not necessarily reflect updated HR in Denver unless both match.

House Rules of Denver

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