Current Global Emits and Flash Points

Global Emits

What are they?

Global emits are our in-game way of referencing and relating the overall storyline of Denver to the players. They are thematic information sent out to every player online in the form of an emit, and a bbposting for others to read if they are offline. They represent storyline development and the world as it progresses. Players are free to have heard about the events in the emits, but they are counseled to be reasonable in that knowledge, as there is very little chance of knowing specific dialog or the exact location/truth of a given situation.


What are they?

Flash points are Shadowrun Denvers way to let players leave their mark on the global scale things. Flashpoints are now handled similiar to astral quests and thereby pose a real danger to characters to suffer losses and even die. On the other hand these are also allowing characters to interact with the big boys and girls of shadowrun, gain global contacts and influence that might help them out in their shadow adventures.
The results of a players flashpoint actions are released via globalemit (though it is allowed for a character to request their names not to be mentioned).
More detailed rules for Flashpoints can be found in the Flashpoint Rules Page

Current Global Emits

Current Global Emits are only the emits that are no older than one week. All of them are listed inside the archives to keep this section less bulky.

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