Clinic Rentals

Clinic and Hospital Rentals

The rental price of a clinic/hospital is calculated according with the formula below:

Grade Avail Cost SI
Standard Clinic (Rating+2)/7 days Rating x 5=Y= per hour. 3
Alpha Clinic (Rating+2)/7 days Rating x 2 x 5=Y= per hour. 3
Beta Clinic (Rating+2)+5/10 days Rating x 4 x 5=Y= per hour. 3
Delta Clinic (Rating+2)+9/21 days Rating x 8 x 5=Y= per hour. 3
Standard Hospital (Rating x 2)/30 days Rating x 15=Y= per hour. 3
Alpha Hospital (Rating x 2)/30 days Rating x 2 x 15=Y= per hour. 3
Beta Hospital (Rating x 2)+5/45 days Rating x 4 x 15=Y= per hour. 3
Delta Hospital (Rating x 2)+9/90 days Rating x 8 x 15=Y= per hour. 3

The procedure to rent a clinic is: do an Etiquette or Etiquette (Medical) test against a TN equal to the Avail of the rating and grade of the clinic/hospital that you desire to use. The following mods are allowed in the test:

Appropriate Contact -2

Corporate Clinic/Hospital +2
Private Clinic/Hospital +1
Illegal Clinic/Hospital +1

Cosmetic Procedure -1
Implant Procedure +1
Transimplant Procedure +1
Trauma Procedure 0
Nanosurgery +1

Legal Cyberware -1
Paralegal/Class A 0
Security/Class B +1
Military/Class C +2

Appropriate contacs are anyone that have a link with the Medical scene: Street Docs, DocWagon Medics/Executives, Surgeons, Organleggers, Tamanous Agents, etc.

Corporate clinics adds +2 dice to the procedure test but will tag the patient on their databanks. Private clinics adds +1 dice to the procedure test but are a little more expensive: change the base hour rate of the clinic from 5=Y= to 7.5=Y= and the Hospital from 10=Y= to 15=Y=. Illegal Clinics are the meat and potatoes of shadowbiz. No Bonus or penalty on the procedure test.

Example One:

Joe Samurai wants to install an Alpha Spur (Retractable), he checks with his Street Doc contact the price to rent a Rating 2 Illegal Alpha Clinic to do the procedure.

Mods to the test: -2 (Apropriate Contact), +1 (Illegal Clinic), +1 (Implant Procedure), 0 (Spur has a 3-N Legality Code)

Final Avail of the clinic: 2(rating)+2(base value)-1(mods)/7 days

Example Two:

After some years running, Derek Samurai got his hands on the Wired Reflexes 3 Beta that he wanted for so long. He has a Corporate Surgeon contact that works for Yamatetsu, and he decides that a deeper link with this corp wouldn't hurt so bad. Derek asks his contact for a Rating 4 Corporate Beta Clinic to do the procedure.

Mods to the test: -2 (Apropriate Contact), +2 (Corporate Clinic), +1 (Implant Procedure), +2 (Wired Reflexes 3 has a 3-R Legality Code)

Final Avail of the clinic: 4(rating)+2(base value)+5(beta modifier)+3(mods)/10 days

Since this is a corporate clinic, the surgeon adds +2 dice on the surgery test in addition to the regular clinic rating bonus. Doing the procedure on an Yamatetsu clinic, the DNA scan, astral signature and all the information on Derek's Cyber are listed and sent to the Corp database.

NPC Surgical Rates

The costs listed in M&M on p 151 under 'Doctor's Services' are changed:
Medical Work offered Cost/Modifier
Preparing a medical profile: 20 =Y= x Medicine Skills x Hours
Planning a surgical procedure: 100 =Y= x Mp (which equals hours)
Implant Surgery: 40 =Y= x Biotech x Hours
Therapeutic Surgery: 30 =Y= x Biotech x Hours
Transimplant Surgery: 40 =Y= x Biotech x Hours
Trauma Surgery: 50 =Y= x Biotech x Hours
Doctor/Provider Equipment modifier:
Basic Grade x0
Alpha Equiped: x2
Beta Equipped: x4
Delta Equipped: x6
Cultured Equipped: x5
Nano-surgery Equipped*: x4

*:This is in addition to any Grade modifiers. Ex: Alpha + Nanoware would be x6 total.

Notes: By 'Hours' we mean the base time that the procedure take before the test, we should not cut the Doctor's pay because he's good.

A profile must be done in a clinics computer with enough MP to store the information. To make a plan, the Doctor must have access to a clinic of equal or higher grade than the needed to perform the surgery.

The Rating of the Medical Gear (Clinic/Hospital) used can be used as comp dice to the test when making Profiles or Surgical Plans, in addition to when performing Surgery.

The renting of a clinic/hospital to make the plan or the surgery itself should be noted if the doctor don't own one. The prices are listed under +info surgery tools.


John Doc is making a procedure to install an alpha datajack on Jane Samurai. Jane wants it with two Reduced Essence options and John decide to add the Careful Procedure option to make his life easier.

He rolls his Medicine skill (6) vs a TN of 4 to make a profile (he can use the rating of the clinic as comp dice with the clinic's computer). Base time is 48 hours. With 4 successes on his test, he has it done in 12 hours. The price is:

20(Base Value) x 6(Medicine Skill) x 48(Base Time) = 5760=Y=

Time to make the plan. Again doing a Medicine skill (6) test vs a TN of 7 (Base TN is 4 + 3 positive options. Again, he can add the clinics rating as comp dice). Base time is 72 hours x 7 (+2 for alphaware,+2 modifier for each reduced essence and +1 modifier for the careful procedure). Time needed for the planning is 504 hours. The MP needed to store the plan equal the total time, or 504 MP. The price is:

100(Base Value) x 360(MP) = 50400=Y=

After doing his Medicine test and achieving 4 successes, the plan is ready after 125 hours of work. Assuming they put in 8 hours a day to do this plan, it will be ready to use in 16 days.

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