Log: Imperial Bedroom Part 1
GM: Knox
Team: Simmons Corporation LLC: Mr. Terrific aka "T", Cypher, Norman aka "Old Man / Mr. Charles" Knox
Synopsis: Part 1: The first initial meeting of new shadowrunning team "The Simmons Corporation" and Knox brings the first job to the table. A favor for his fixer contact, Victor, requests that the team capture political player and avid anti-metahumanist James Menthe on video, audio, and simsense feed engaged in an affair with an Ork adult simsense star. The meet, some legwork, as well as a decking session occur.
Date: November 19th, 2070
Background Music

«Plot» Knox says, "Can I please get a 'I consent' this is a plot and I accept doing things have consequences"
«Plot» Mr. Terrific says, "I consent."
«OOC» Norman says, "I consent."
«Plot» Cypher says, "I consent"


Private and sealed off from the outside of the club, this conference room is obviously built for those that wish to meet alone and away from prying eyes. The room is soundproofed so the din of the music outside in the club doesn't pour in here, and, following the same logic, what is said in here doesn't flow back out into the main club.
A synth mahogany conference table that can easily seat ten, two at either end, and four on each side, dominates the center of the room and a connection cable, discreetly strung along under the navy blue carpeting of the conference room politely peeks out near the head of the table, where a desktop or other computer device can be plugged into. What the cable is for is obvious, as there is a trideo screen on a side table kitty-corner to the far left wall in a position where all, except, perhaps, the person and the end of the table, can see it easily.

It's a quiet night here in Denver. Grey-white snow falls outside and onto the city. You've been approached about this "Simmons Group" affair, some sort of shell game for shadowrunners to launder money and maybe have steady employment. Whatever. Knox sits in the rented back room of the Cool Cat Jazz Club chain smoking cigarettes. On a trideo behind him is some political commentary on an upcoming Political Fundraiser here, in Denver. (Free pose).

Cypher makes his way into the back room with little fuss and bother. He wears his usual clothing; it’s clean at least, if also well armored. He nods to the other ork as he arrives, but says nothing, merely moves to take a seat at one of the chairs.

A well-dressed older gentleman of 40 or 50 sits at the head of the table, his back to the door. He seems to be watching the screen intently and occasionally scribbles hastily on an old-fashioned notepad in his lap. A cigarette smolders in an ashtray at his elbow.

Mr. Terrific maintains his usual paranoia and his usual semi-western gear - circling the place and looking out before he enters with all due care. Being seen can't be avoided, but being surrounded by guys with guns can. That being said, he does have a smile for all in his mien, as he comes by in friendly wise.

Knox taps ash out of his cigarette into a nearby tray. Calmly, the ork takes sip of water and casts his gaze about the small group. A business like tone the ork fixer begins, "Think of this as……a probationary test run of things to come. I won't go into details as far as the dynamics of the group mentioned" - Knox nods to Norman, "I'll leave that to him." He clears his throat, "So I'll get to the short end of the stick: James Menthe, political wunderkind and general anti-meta enthusiast is a piece of drek. I wouldn't care, but this is a favor for a friend, a colleague. He's speaking tomorrow night at The Westin in the business area of the CAS District, not too far from here. My friend would like us to take Mr. Menthe down a number of pegs by embarrassing himself wholesale. Namely, by circumventing his security detail and tape him having sexual intercourse, fragging, with another friend of mine, ork "adult entertainer" Bambi." He clears his throat, "To the tune of 25,000 per individual."

Mr. Terrific widens his eyes. "Not the easiest thing, but I must admit, it has possibilities."

Cypher chuckles "Alright sounds like fun and for a good cause."

The gentleman at the head of the table has wheeled around in his chair at this point, and listens to Knox with the kind of casual detachment that's doubtless bred in endless board meeting. Don't talk, don't look too busy, and don't look as if you're not busy at all.

Knox turns to the trideo and flips to a pre-recorded television spot, lots of graphics litter the news brief: Local News: Tomorrow Night is the annual Tech-Con Political PAC, being held right here in Denver in the FTZ, CAS Sector. Political pundit, activist, and former Senatorial aide James Menthe will be providing the key note speech and setting the tone for the evening. Menthe made headlines last month when he threw his support behind a possible ban on intra-metahuman marriage in the CAS, which would also affect all current marriage licenses in Denver's CAS territories. Menthe is predicted to announce his support for the measure and possible dark horse candidate Jonas Blythe, a former member of Humanis. The event will be catered by Oscar's, which is owned by the wealthy elven Finlas family.

Knox pauses the trid on a crisp picture of the target surrounded by his family, "The man is a cooze hound he can't get enough of it. Now, whether we enourage the man by force or persuasion to get down with our 'entertainer' is up to us. I've already rented two rooms within the Westin using a recently purchased identity specifically for tonight; each room is next to each other so we'll need to set up surveillance without disturbing the Hotel security. Lastly we need to make this tryst believable, in other words no one should die. Anything looking fishy and Menthe's campaign people can dismiss it like *that", he snaps. "Questions?"
Mr. Terrific says "Is he awakened?"

Cypher shakes his head "No questions, I can setup surveillance equipment if you have it. Someone else is going to have to convince him to do the deed though."

Knox shakes his head at Mr. T's question, "Negative, however with such short notice I can't promise Menthe security detail, two to three humans, aren't awakened." The ork fixer looks to Cypher, "Not a problem, I'll be conducting on site surveillance as well as monitoring Bambi’s Simsense feed. We will need you to handle the Hotel's online security. Its top shelf, the building has a backup system hardwired to shut down and reboot if it smells anything funny. Saves on money and pretty much ensures anyone dicking around gets dumped instantly…..but I'm sure you'll find a way to handle elevators and cameras. If you can also monitor Bambi’s fed it would be appreciated.", he says in a matter of fact tone.

The older man, resting his chin on a couple of fingertips while he listens, speaks for the first time. "Assuming all electronic security elements are neutralized," he says in his most educated London accent, "it's a simple matter of dealing with human security. Which is always far easier than spoofing cameras and sensors."

Mr.Terrific says "Aside from him being a horn dog, does Bambi have the tools she needs? The pheromone pumps and so on?"

Cypher frowns as he listens; going over things in his head "I'm going to need a little bit of time to find out about this security system. Figure out if I need to be onsite to hack it or not."

Knox nods slowly, "I have the target’s schedule. He'll be speaking tonight at the adjunct Westin Conference center which is on the top floor. Charles, if you can talk your way in that would be of help as far as observing the target…..but yes his immediate surrounding security is the toughest. We'll want Mr. Menthe to announce his support for his chosen candidate after which we must convince a man, a severely racist and smug man, to get laid by an ork escort. A good looking ork hooker, and talented I must say, but an ork none the less.", he looks to Mr. T, "T, Bambi is….well your young. She has all sorts of implants, she's a trid adult simsense starlet, she’s doing this as a favor for me on this one. However, we're going to need as much help as possible to push him to do this though."

Knox addresses Cypher, "I can advise you that the Westin has a fairly thorough policy concerning catching anyone in the act, especially downtown. They'll have Knight Errant here in minutes. My suggestion? Help me set up on site, then take care of security offsite ready to pick up the three of us. If you do not have a dataline tap to solve datalink problems, I can provide you with one for the evening."

Mr.Terrific nods. "At the very least I can do up a psych profile and work with her on what she needs to trip his triggers. On the mind-control range, with me that is a risky thing. I can't guarantee it, and someone that high up in politics is unlikely to have a weak will against the power of magic. I might not be able to take his thugs as a group. They might or might not be able to remember it.

Knox nods, "Yes T, I'd like for you to do that as well as provide close cover for Bambi before, during, and after. I'm hoping Mr. Charles would be all right with blending into the background and keeping security away and incapacitated?"

From the head of the table, the man speaks again. "He may have to be plied a bit," he says, "but it's important to note that if it's his word alone against the physical evidence, it calls his credibility into question. Show the video, and the damage is already done no matter how vocally he denies it." He takes one final drag on his stub of a forgotten cigarette and drops it back into the ashtray before going on. "If anyone else gets a whiff of it, the game is up, because they can corroborate his story. If we tape him in the act and no one else knows what transpired, then it doesn't matter how hard we have to convince him to, ah, carry on with Miss Bambi."

Cypher listens to the others plan, and nods "Alright, I'll go in and setup, and be backup, the dataline tap will be useful, and I need to get a few of those."

Mr.Terrific says "If anyone is decent at disguising, I could use some of that. If I'm going to be walking around in there and maybe sneaking spells, it would be good if I didn't look like me."

Knox claps his hands slowly and softly at Norman’s comment, "That's exactly it in a nutshell." He pulls back the sleeve of his sweater to reveal an expensive looking wrist watch. "Mr. Charles and I can discuss the particulars, the dance of it all if you will. We should reconvene here in 24 hours prepared and ready to go. I should note the Westin is high class. Pearl snaps, I'm afraid my dear T, are out of the question. You'll need a nice suit and tie. Pocket square if you can get it. White human and in a suit is the best disguise at the Techno-Republicrat event. It's Cypher and I who are more at risk. We'll be dressed as waiters to reflect the metahuman catering company serving that night. We'll also need identifications solid in that database provided by Cypher as well. So you’ll be hacking two systems. Let's disperse and regroup 24 hours from now yes? Stay in touch via phone, Cypher you'll be with me. T you can meet Bambi and speak with her. Charles…..do whatever it is that you do."

Cypher nods "Alright, I can get to work on the IDs tonight."

Mr. Charles glances casually at his old wristphone display. "Dinner and drinks, again, with the admin assistant of…well," he says with a thin smile, "I'll not ruin the surprise. Soykaf is on me for a week if I don't bed her tonight, lad." He nods slyly to Knox as he stands and straightens his 400 =Y= tie.

Knox stands up and offers a handshake to Mr. Charles, "We'll speak soon."

Mr. Charles shakes the offered hand in a way that suggests he's more used to having people shake hands for him, thus freeing him from the banal goings-on of common people. Then, he winks at Knox and claps him on the shoulder. Without a word or even a glance to the others at the table, he walks out of the conference room.

Cypher frowns after Norman leaves, then looks to Knox, "Seriously?"

Mr.Terrific saith piously, "That there is a professional."

Knox looks to Cypher, crosses his arms. "Heh. Yes he’s for real."

Cypher grunts "No, since we obviously are out of the loop, he is not a professional, he is our boss I take it?" he looks to Knox.

Knox shakes his head, "I wouldn't say that at all. No ones ordering anyone, think of Charles as…..a public figure head for this operation……or a participant Mr. Johnson. I can tell you this, he's not interested in ordering anyone. And if anyone's on point for this op-", he points to himself, "It's me."

Cypher frowns and shakes his head "No, it’s not the ordering that bothers me, as long as I get paid, I can follow orders. The whole not knowing what he contributes bothers me some if he isn’t the Jay. But I guess this is an organization, and not really a team."

Knox turns towards the back cart/mini-bar behind his chair and helps himself to a gin & tonic, "It's a bit of both. Charles is very good at what he does, which is making people feel comfortable with him around. But when he's not performing….he's very very anxious and I would hazard has some serious delusions of grandeur. But that could also just be part of his process."

Mr.Terrific says, "Style is important."

«OOC» Knox says, "If there's no further poses and we're good we can skip ahead to some legwork if that works"

<OOC» Knox says, "T, what do you want to do ICly speaking? And Cypher, I'll get to your part in a sec, if you could figure out your detection factor in the mean time that would help a lot."
«OOC» Cypher says, "My DF is 12"

«OOC» Mr.Terrific says, "I research the target with Cypher's computer help. I do up a psych profile, and based on that, I role-play with Ms. Bambi various possible scenarios and how to defuse the paths to 'no' and get to 'yes'. It will be much like salesmanship coaching in that way."

«OOC» Mr.Terrific says, "We’ll cover things like 'priming' - giving him a chance to see her beforehand out of the corner of his eye."

«OOC» Knox says, "Ok, lets hold while I write up a pose for T, and in the mean time Cypher think of the top ten things you want to do in order of easiest 1, to hardest 10, to get the caterer company convinced we work for them and have fake info on us / badges etc. But hold onto to the info to yourself for now
«Plot» Knox says, “T, when you say work up a profile is you talking about James Menthe the target? Work up a profile on him, correct?"
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Yes, so that I will have a good understanding of him and use that to guess his likely actions."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "I will 'play' at being him with Bambi."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "To teach her how to defuse his 'no's and cater to his desires."
«Plot» Knox says, " Ok T, to work up a profile on a person using limited resources and short on time is going to be hard, but you wont need to go hacking into anything, there's more than enough of online reports, gossip, documentaries on the GOP and it's players to help you with this all. So give me a Psychology Roll TN6"
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls Psychology vs. TN 6:
1 3 4 5 5 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls Psychology vs. TN 6 for "KP:1":
1 2 3 3 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Knox says, "Sorry T, 1 success. I'm keeping' gritty :)"
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Well, I will not be incompetent but not awesome."

»>Mr. Terrific’s Legwork«<

It's getting close to 5am in the morning. Mr. T has been getting eye and ear strain from listening and reading so much information about James Menthe and political affairs, and the egos that go with both. Suddenly there's a knock at the door of the back room of the Cool Cat.
Mr.Terrific heads to open the door. He imagines it's going to be Bambi. (Meanwhile, somewhere in there, he's going to have had to have gotten a basic suit and tie on order and delivery, and paid the nuyen for it.)

Meanwhile……Bambi, a doe eyed ork woman in her early twenties with a body sculpted for porn, peeks in. In a soft purr of a voice, "Hi. Lisa sent me, she said to do whatever Hen- I mean Knox says. You don't look like a tusker……are you the guy I have to party with?"

Mr.Terrific says to Bambi with a smile, "No, that'll be tomorrow. I'm here to teach you what he wants."

…..To Be Continued

«Plot» Knox says, " PLOT NOTE MR. T had to leave early, continuing his poses at a later date"

»>Cypher Decks Oscar’s Catering Service / Knox Hangs Out«<

Knox gets into his car and pops the lock for Cypher to hop in, "Get in. I've got a little place you can use." After a few back alley turns and several miles, Knox heads into the Warrens and eventually upon a coffin motel. He pops the lock again and hands Cypher a Rating 4 dataline tap. "Remember, we need two ID's in their system and some brief work history for Oscar's Catering.”

Cypher nods to Knox and grunts "That shouldn’t be hard, I can set us up as new hires waiting for IDs and give us a good work history."

«Plot» Knox says, " Ok Cypher give me a pose of jacking into the matrix and heading down to Oscars etc"

Cypher sets up his gear, slipping his new deck out of its case and firing it up, he jacks in and watches at the world becomes living data. He quickly slips through into one of his disposable accounts for his local trix access, then starts digging.

Oscar's appears on the grid as a cybered version of the old "Butcher Shoppe" from last century. The grey/chromed brick building's lights are out and the front door's neon sign flashes :CLOSED: :CLOSED: :CLOSED:

In the background flashes of light zip by, the cool monochrome nothingness of the Matrix expands infinitely.

Cypher slips around behind the building, and checks for security, then starts to work at getting the back door open with his handy lock picker icon.

«Plot» Knox says, "Cypher roll me Computers plus whatever Hacking Pool Dice you'd like to use to attempt a log on / backdoor access."

«Plot» Knox says, " tn is Orange-3"

«Plot» Knox says, "I'm using the quick rules for this portion FYI"

«OOC» Cypher says, "Quick rules would be one roll for all of it"
«OOC» Cypher says, "Am I doing it as one total roll, or several?"
«OOC» Cypher says, "I need to know if I need to KP the crap out of one roll or not :)"

«OOC» Knox says, "So if you roll 3 5 6 7, then you have three automatic things you can do - not challenged. Plus I just don’t think a catering company is going to have crazy IC"

«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 6 for "First Test. 4 HP devoted to DF, DF = 12":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 9

«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls 3 vs TN 12 for "White IC":
5 7 8 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Knox says, " OK pose cracking in and describe up to seven things you plan on doing in your matrix pose"
«OOC» Cypher says, "This is the catering company we are coming from right?"
«OOC» Knox says, "You got it sparky"

Cypher quickly slips inside and heads to the records department. After a little looking around for previous employees, he locates two files for employees that are no longer with the company. He then edits the files, adding names for Knox and himself, changing photos, editing the records so that these two good prior employees are now his and Knox’s records.

«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls 3 vs TN 12 for "Evil GM":
4 4 16 = 1 Success

«OOC» Cypher says, "Ehh, 1 tally shouldn’t bother me"

Cypher quickly slips inside and heads to the records department. After a little looking around for previous employees, he locates two files for employees that are no longer with the company. He then edits the files, adding names for Knox and himself, changing photos, editing the records so that these two good prior employees are now his and Knox’s records.

In the butcher shop the lights turn on and a robotic looking woman shuffles into the foyer. She gives you the stink eye and states, "Can you get me my usual Georgie?", and she turns her head to the counter. "Georgie, I need the usual." She just keeps repeating it and doesn't seem too bothered about being ignored.

«Plot» Knox says, "Any further actions?"
«OOC» Cypher says, "Does that give us a pretty solid history?"

«OOC» Knox says, "I'd say it's enough for a cursory look and maybe a radio call to double check, it's a large company with an extensive list of free lancers so people do come and go."
«OOC» Cypher says, "Any way I could make it more secure? I can’t think of anything"
+ooc Do you have security layouts or anything like that for knowledge skills?
«OOC» Knox says, "Do you have security layouts or anything like that for knowledge skills?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) has the Knowledge Skill Security Systems with the value '4 (5)'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) has the Knowledge Skill Security Procedures with the value '4 (5)'.

«OOC» Knox says, "But nothing like matrix system stuff? I should have been more precise."
«OOC» Cypher says, "Ahh, well, no, but I can default :)"

«Plot» Knox says, " Matrix Systems TN6"
«Plot» Knox says, " Err, Intel TN6"

«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls Intelligence vs TN 6 for "Defaulting to know what else to do.":
1 2 2 3 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Cypher (#3540) rolls Intelligence vs TN 6 for "Defaulting to know what else to do. KP:1":
1 1 2 2 4 9 11 = 2 Successes

Before you log off a snap of light happens in your brain(!) and you smile slyly as you add a note to both individual ID’s as "Personal Cater Liaisons" for cross checked VIP's at the conference. Including James Menthe. Now it's totally normal you're walking around the building, to a degree."

«OOC» Cypher says, "Ok :)"

Knox honks the horn several times and several stories below the rented coffin motel.
Knox leans out the window of his car, "Hey, you didn't die did in there did you? Let's go" 15 minutes in real world time has passed.

Cypher logs off, cleans his tracks, and shuts down. He heads out to join Knox and shakes his head "From now on, let me use my sat dish. I hate working out of coffins."

Knox nods, he checks his rearview for any tails, "Stick the dataline tap in the back. Satlinks are fine, but we're in a hurry and we can afford not being around here if drek goes down." He guns the engine and heads towards Gentle Jimmy's, a known fence who operates out of a Vintage and Discount Clothing Store in the UCAS area. Gentle Jim hooks the two orks up with a pair of matching generic wait staff outfits, without stains, for a cool 500. Hey speed is a hell of a mark up. The two head off and back to downtown CAS, "Have any trouble?", Knox asks after an hour of driving and buying clothes.

Cypher shakes his head "I triggered something, but it didn't even notice me. I'm sure nothings going to come up on an inspection."

Knox reaches over the dashboard and finds a piece of paper that's been fluttering about, he tosses it behind into the back seat. "Let's hope so." He hits the highway and the duos peel off into the early morning. 18 Hours and counting.

End Part 1


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