Surgical House Rules


Bioware must be refrigerated, but can be kept 'on ice' more or less indefinately. Any clinic or hospital capable of implanting Bioware has equipment capable of storing it. When transporting bioware, such as between vendor and clinic, a variety of containers ranging from your standard styrofoam cooler packed with ice to high-tech liquid nitrogen timed-release temperature-controlled impact-resistant canisters are available. If the bioware warms up before the surgery, it'll go bad in 1d6 hours.

Surgery Facts

There can be a number of simultaneous surgeries going on in clinics equal to its rating.

When installing upgrades, it is not neccessary to have a seperate procedure to remove the existing 'ware. Use the highest grade involved for the TN modifier from grade.

We do not take account of slot space used in cyberware. If you remove it, the essence returns.

If a plan is being used, do not multiply the base time x 2 for MP size. Here in Denver, MP is equal to base time.

In surgery, you may have a maximum team size of (Leadership)/2 (round down, even if it allows you zero assistants), not counting the doctor leading the team or the mage/shaman providing the magic help. Example: A doctor with leadership 1 can't have assistants, but he can hire a mage to support him. A Doctor with Leadership 3 can hire one assistant and the mage, if he wants to. The assistant charges normal doctoring rates.

Assistants give -1 TN per assistant in surgery. The minimum skill restriction is at least the Biotech rating of the lead surgeon/2. (round down)

Cloning Body Parts

Body Part Base Time To Grow Cost (1) Base Bio Index (2)
Eye or Small Organ 3 weeks 7,500=Y= up to 0.4
Large Organ 5 weeks 15,000=Y= 0.41 - 0.80
Hand/Foot 6 weeks 15,000=Y= 0.81 - 1.25
Limb 8 weeks 25,000=Y= 1.26+

(1) Please note that the 'cost' on this table doesn't apply to growing cultured bioware, only to regrowing body parts that have been damaged beyond repair.

(2) This is the bio index cost before cultured modification or bio index reduction options from surgery.

Surgical options

To balance the fact that Shadowrun, as a game system, was not built to accommodate PC doctors with its surgical implantation rules, the Staff of Shadowrun: Denver has decided to apply the same rule to Positive Surgical Options as limits the Negative Surgical Options.

No more than 2 of any option can be used on any surgical implantation, negative or positive unless otherwise expressly stated.

Positive Options can not be applied to a surgical test unless a Surgical Plan has been completed beforehand.

Also, the grade is NOT counted with any essence reduction options: Options are applied after determining essence due to grade. So Betaware is Cost * 0.6 * 0.9, Alphaware is Cost * 0.8 * 0.9, etc. when dealing with two positve essence reduction options. If only using one reduction, it would be Cost * Grade Modifer * .95 since each essence reduction mod is .05 not .1 each.

Positive Surgery Options such as essence reduction can not be taken with items that are implanted into an existing piece of cyberware. Implantation of these types of devices are more technical than surgical. The 'essence' price has already been paid.

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