House Rules - Riggers

House Rules — Riggers

Customization of Vehicles

The following changes/rulings have been made regarding the vehicle customization rules:

  • The availability of an Ammunition bin has been set to 4/24 hours, SI 1.
  • Unless explicitly specified otherwise, costs and enhancements that involve a multiplier are taken from the base value of the vehicle. In other words, they do not stack onto each other. Example: if you mount a device that adds +10 to speed and another device that increases speed by 50 percent, the second device multiplies *base* speed by 50 percent and adds it. It does not multiple the +10.
  • Sidecars cannot have any accessories installed on them. They provide only extra cargo room and passenger room. If you need armor on them, then pay the cost and have it GMnoted.

Magic and Riggers

Special houserules regarding Magic and Vehicles can be found under +hr magic vehicles

Sensor Locks

Drones are capable of locking onto more than one target at a time. For every two levels a sensor has, it can lock onto a single target (rounded down to a minimum of one). A lock on still requires a complex action, so multiple complex actions must be spent to lock onto more than one target.


Tractors can pull vehicles higher than their Body rating, but they take a +1 penalty to their Handling for each point the largest trailer is above the largest tractor, in addition to any penalties for hauling multiple trailers.

Vehicular - Pedestrian Collisions

When dealing with vehicular-pedestrian collisions, we have slightly changed and expanded how this works.

Body Score Vehicular Body
1-7 1
8-15 2
16-23 3
24-31 4
32-39 5

and so on

This 'vehicular Body score' is only for vehicular-pedestrian collisions and not any other purpose.

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