House Rules - Deckers

House Rules - Deckers

Agents and Loading Software

To load up an agent with software, the base time is the log, base 2, of the rating total of all the programs you are loading at once, times five. To calculate this on the MUSH, type in 'think mul(log(<total rating>,2),5)' where <total rating> is the sum of the ratings of the programs. In other words, it's more efficient to load lots of programs on at once. The TN to reduce this base time is the rating of the highest program.

Removing software from an agent takes practically no time at all.

OMC and Price

This house rule corrects the confusion between the errata, the Core Book and Matrix for the price of Optical Memory Chips. The correct price for Optical Memory Chips is 0.5 =Y= per megapulse.

Open Source

Open Source software still exists. You can find free utilities on the matrix, to this day, if you have the right contacts. Any utility with size multiplier of 8 or less may be aquired for free, at a rating of 3 or less. The utility will come with no options, and will be written in holoLISP.

To do so, use the following process:

Make a queue and note through which contact you are getting access to open sourced software (Usually a matrix group, it is highly suggested you use Shadowland as a contact for this).
Roll etiquette.matrix test against a TN of 8, with a base time of 24 hours.

If successesful, roll computers at TN 4. If only one success is made on this test, the utility you found is rating 1. Two successes, it's rating 2. Three or more, it is rating 3. You can never get a utility using this method higher than rating 3.

This is not a gear acquisition test, but rather it represents the character going through matrix contacts and associated groups, looking for the hot freeware that's available, and the tricks and codes and such that are easily available. This means the time spent doing so actually occupies the character, using normal worktime rules.


This rule prevents an oversight within the matrix rules, and requires deckers to have the associated design knowskills in order to make program plans, much in the same manner as it is required to have programming languages in order to write programs:

A decker cannot write a programming plan for a program with an unmodified rating higher than twice his relevant Design Knowskill.

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