Auction House

House Rules for Auction Rules

1: Shotgun/snipe. To prevent sniping (Last second bidding intended to bypass actual bidding wars), auctioneers may employ a 'shotgun' rule, where in the actual close of the auction is 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds after the last bid.

2: Identity. All bidders must have identities. (comtitle auc=«My Internet Name»)

3: Bid Location: The bidding takes place on the ASGARD Orbital Auction House, ICly. It is an In-character forum, and is part of the shadow community. Cash changing hand goes in to their escrow accounts and is fairly secure. Delivery is generally between you and the seller.

4: ALL BIDS are final. If you typo and accidentally bid 10,000,000 for a 10 Nuyen item… it is the sellers determination if you are freed from that bid. Bids are contracts. Speak with care.

5: No lying. Do not auction a chicken, and deliver a pigeon. Do not sell broken merchandise without being up front about it. This is an IC forum, and if you fuck someone over, you can get hurt for it. You consent to that when you sell goods.

6: Caveat Emptor. On the other hand, don't get pissed because you bought a box labeled as 'mystery' and got an empty box or had used japanese schoolgirl panties. Unless there's direct lying, Shadowland is not refunding any cash and staff is HIGHLY unlikely to declare consent if the seller disputes it.

Auction Channel Code
+aucchan/start <item name>/<opening bid>
This command will start an auction on the Auction Channel - it will run five minutes. At 2.5 minutes, 1 minute, 30, 15, 10 and 5 seconds it will emit information about how much time is left, who has the high bid and what it is. At the end of the auction, it will announce the winner, what was won, how much they paid. 40 seconds after the close of the auction, those attributes are wiped so the next auction can start.

+aucchan/Bid <bid>
This command will bid on an auction underway. Bids must be larger than the previous bid, by at least 10 percent. Bids will be rejected if they are not at least 10 percent larger than the previous bid. The auction channel will emit your bid once it is accepted.

&D.Aucchan.Name me=<desired name>
This command will set the name the auction code uses to display your bids. This allows for some degree of anonymity. However, abuse of this function will get you flagged by Shadowland Sysops, your data connection information released to the seller you burned, and you will be consented to the ramifications of your actions.

  • Note: The code can only support one auction at a time. Running two auction at once will ruin -both-. Do not abuse these commands - do not spam your other players. You will get your butt in a sling for it.
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