2061 - Year of the Comet

*Jan: Comet hype begins.

  • Jan-Sep: The first leg of the "Probe Race", as the space megacorps compete to be the first to send a probe to the comet. One by one, each probe falls victims to accident or sabotage.
  • Mar 19: A citywide power failure cripples the Seattle RTG for a short period, forcing many users and hosts offline and impeding other Matrix functions.
  • May 7: Inazo Aneki returns from his convalescence in Tibet.
  • May: Cooperating with an otaku alliance called Overwatch, Aneki enters the Renraku Arcology and uses hard-wired "kill codes" to disable the rogue artificial intelligence that has kept the arcology locked down for the past sixteen months. Deus is apparently destroyed. Aneki commits suicide. Public credit for ending the shutdown goes to Sherman Huang, despite the crucial role played by anonymous shadowrunners.
  • Late May: Inazo Aneki's death is announced publicly. Details are vague. Hot contenders for the now-vacant position of Renraku CEO are Sherman Huang and current acting CEO Haruhiko Nakada.
  • Aug: Typhoons batter the Philippines.
  • Sep: Halley's Comet becomes visible to the naked eye.
  • Sep 4: The first reported cases of SURGE express.
  • Sep 4: Ibn Eisa, leader of the Islamic Unity Movement, is assassinated.
  • Sep 9: Ibn Eisa rises from the dead, proclaims a New Islamic Jihad.
  • Sep 10: SURGE sweeps the globe, continues at a regular pace.
  • Sep 12: Paranoia about SURGE sparks riots, attacks and urban unrest.
  • Oct: SURGE backlash continues in full swing, with riots and attacks on metahumans.
  • Oct 27: Major earthquakes and volcanic activity shake the entire 'Ring of Fire' on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Among the casualties is nearly the entire Japanese Imperial family. The Bay Area in California is crumpled by an earthquake; six volcanic eruptions and an earthquake wreck the Philippines; many other PacRim areas are also devastated.
  • Oct 29: The Japanese Diet orders the withdrawal of Imperial troops from foreign soil to assist with disaster relief and to rebuild Japan.
  • Nov: Halley's Comet temporarily disappears from view.
  • Nov: General Saito refuses the Diet's withdrawal order, staging a military coup in San Francisco backed by loyal troops and Japanese megacorps. Saito's troops quickly move into the Central Valley, seizing Sacramento and key sites. Ares moves troops in to defend Silicon Valley.
  • Nov 1: Ancestor spirits warn of the "return of the dead."
  • Nov 27: The news of the discovery of natural orichalcum deposits sparks an Orichalcum Rush.
  • Dec 2: An earthquake demolishes the free city of Los Angeles; walls go down, riots and looting sweeps the city.
  • Dec 8: The Pueblo Corporate Council moves in troops, seizing Los Angeles and the outlying areas. The PCC makes all Los Angeles residents probationary citizens.
  • Dec 24: The first reported "zombie" (shedim) attack occurs; many more are reported in the weeks that follow.
  • The CCMA creates a new Matrix policing agency in response to the arcology situation and grid shutdowns, called the Grid Overwatch Division (GOD).
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